Plus Size Holiday Glam Picks

by Aeryn Lynne

Have you got all of your prezzie shopping done yet? Its time to get ready to party, and if you're like me, you're shopping for a fabulous dress last minute! 😉 I've yet to figure out when I'll be hosting a party here at home (depending on when the rest of the fam wants to hold theirs... and the 'rents usually monopolize the 25th,) my dinner hosting skills might not play until New Years eve, heh. Regardless, I want to find a few outfits with a bit of glitz and glam for the multitude of dinners I'll be having fun at for the next few weeks.

If you're also looking for something fab, check out this Pinterest board I've put together. Everything on that board is available at least in Canada, for us "local" shoppers!

[dc_social_wall id="5640"]

Not all of the fun stuff I've pinned are showing above, and I'll undoubtedly be adding more to this board throughout December and even January, so be sure to be following me on Pinterest to see all the gorgeous plus size outfits out there!

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Aeryn Lynne

The Geek at Geek Life
Living in Superman's Metropolis (aka Toronto, Canada), Aeryn Lynne found a way to entirely over-share everything she loves, and make a career out of it! Ultimately a geek, she waxes poetically over technology, fights for fashion-equality, squees over comic art, and literally sparkles, thanks to her makeup addiction.
Aeryn Lynne

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