On the lookout for some unique date ideas to spice up outings with your partner? While there are movies, and museums, art galleries, and popular restaurants, I was curious to find some fun alternative places to go to enjoy date-night with your Geek. This past Valentine’s Day, Jay and I didn’t plan ahead this year to do much, other than catch up with a movie or two, but it still made me wonder what our city has to offer for its nerdish demographic. Here are five geek-love themed date ideas I found that you can do any time of the year, especially if you live in Toronto, (and if you don’t, I highly encourage to use Google to find local counterparts for these activities.)

One of the movies Jay and I watched over Valentine’s Day was Deadpool, because he loves me and knows explosions and violence is the way to my heart and Oh Mah Gerd, I want to go see it again! SO MANY inside jokes to appease the Deadpool comic lovers, while still being amazing for those who just want MCU movies. #SkullPoopL was truly an epic romantic comedy, which may be the first one I’ve ever enjoyed (RomComs tend to give me hives.)

For the other movie, we took our nephew Kit to go watch Kung Fu Panda 3. It’s as hilarious as promised, and just might be my fave out of the franchise so far (I HOPE there will be a fourth!)

As much as I love to go see these movies for our date nights, here are some alternative ways to enjoy your time with your Geek.

Five Unique Date Ideas Your Geek Will Love

Here are five Geek date ideas to find some fun and bonus points with your Geek, not in any particular order, ’cause I couldn’t choose which event outranked the rest. (Though #5 is quickly becoming my #1 choice!)

  1. Take a Walk Back in Time

    There are quite a few tours you could create on your own, or head to Google and find a tour company with the right schedule to take you around. Want to find out where exactly some of your favourite movies were filmed? Add a bit of scary fantasy by learning about local ghost haunts? Check out the best architecture your city has to offer? Or enjoy the local urban street art. You might be surprised by what you find, and love your city a little bit more once the tour is done. If you’re in Toronto and want to enjoy a truly unique tour, check out Distillery District’s Segway Ghost Tour. Yep, rent a Segway and roll around this beautiful historic location, to learn all its deep, dark secrets.

  2. LEGOLAND: Adult Only Nights

    Despite a growing cultural renewed love of LEGO by adults, LEGOLAND tends to be pretty strick about when adults can visit. Essentially, if you don’t have a child with you, you can’t get in, except for on Adult Only Nights. Once a month, LEGOLAND opens its doors for their adult fans, with some exciting events to attend. If you don’t have a LEGOLAND close to home, google “AFOL” (Adult Fans of LEGO) and your hometown to see what’s on offer.

  3. Game Store/Comic Book Shop

    If its a simple date night, I am in full confidence that your Geek would love to hit up a game store or comic book shop. Bonus points for finding a key location that they haven’t gone to before. If its a special ocassion, like a birthday, surprise your Geek with a gift card to that store, and watch them morph into that glee-filled uber-geek on a mission. I’m not well versed in gaming shops in particular (other than EB Games/Best Buy/ebay) but there are a whole bunch of comic book shops in North America that I would LOVE to visit, even just once. If Jay and I ever make it to New Jersey, he knows that we’ll need to make a stop at The Secret Stash (Owned by Jay and Silent Bob), ’cause that is almost like a mecca for me. If you watch AMC, these guys have a podcast/TV Show known as The Comic Book Men that my Jay and I LOVE to watch. Comic Book Men’s new season actually started February 14th at midnight, which was a fun way to end our evening.

    Some comic shops even have launch parties for upcoming comics, so keep an eye out at your fave store for awesome events to take your Geek to.

    And if you want to go a bit retro for your date, find an arcade that still has Donkey Kong!

  4. Geek Themed Pub/Cafe

    Wanting to simply chill for your date-night, find a geek-inspired pub or cafe. If you’re in Toronto, try one of these awesome places:

    • The Lockhart

      A Harry Potter themed cocktail and tapas bar, complete with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butterbeer”! Cast a spell on your date by bringing them to the Lockhart. Play trivia on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

    • See-Scape

      A cafe with incredible sci-fi themed decor. Tons of video and board games to enjoy, or even check out their cosplay events.

    • Snakes & Lattes

      If you want to get your geek on with board games, this is the place to be. They honestly have it all, and enough caffeine to play it all!


  5. Locked In, Break Out

    Nothing like finding out if you and your date can keep it calm under pressure together, and figure out how to escape some cray-cray situations. Look up “Escape Room” games in your area for some unique fun. Turns out Toronto has a whole bunch of them, including:

    • De Code Adventures

      If brain teasers are your thing, their escape room scenarios should be right up your alley. Wanna be like Indiana Jones? Check out De Code the Ancient Mystery! If Mission Impossible is more your bag, then De Scientific Code sounds like a must do (humming the Mission Impossible theme song is optional.)

    • Mystery Room

      If this geek date is also a birthday celebration, the birthday geek gets to play free! Just bring ID. The “Escape Zones” sound wild, such as “Assassins Code“, “Space Odyssey“, “Tomb Explorer“, and “Vampire’s Story“.

    • Great Escape

      Probably has one of the creepiest, and possibly hardest escape rooms you’ll find in Toronto. The Dollhouse. Did you get a chill just thinking about it? Apparently this one includes handcuffs, and has 2.5% success rate. Are you and your partner part of the 2.5 that succeeds in not becoming part of the super creepy doll collection? They have three other rooms to work up to the master Dollhouse level as well.

What are your favourite things to do with your Geek for date night? I would love some new ideas for Jay and I to enjoy! <3