Air Canada unveiled their revitalized, modern brand today. With both Canada’s 150th birthday, and Air Canada’s own 80th anniversary in mind, Benjamin Smith, President, Passenger Airlines led a small team of four highly creative, Canadian talent to redefine their customer experience on a global platform.

This morning’s audience of media, executives and customers were asked by Smith to remember their first experience with Air Canada.

My first memory was when I was four, traveling with my mom back home to Toronto from Edmonton after visiting her sister and kids. This trip home was particularly memorable as I distinctly recall my mother flailing about after I accidentally kicked her glass of wine into her lap, while I fitfully tossed around, attempting to sleep.


Is it any wonder why, only a few years later, my parents would willingly let me travel by Air Canada alone to visit our family in Northern Ontario? Less chance of walking away wet if they stay home, heh.

The New Air Canada

Air Canada Reveals New Branding - Design Team
Media Q&A after new branding presentation. Left to right: David Hawksworth, Tyler Brûlé, Benjamin Smith, Christopher Bates, Veronique Rivest

Tyler Brûlé, leading his graphic design team Winkreative, was tasked with making Air Canada’s livery new sleek design a reality. Brûlé may have had to spend some time convincing Smith on adding black to the fleet’s branding. I’m so glad he succeeded!

For those wondering about how this may affect ticket prices, rest assured it won’t. As far as paint work on Air Canada’s fleet goes, the new livery is actually less expensive and more environmentally friendly to the previous design.

How brilliant is it to have the Rondelle (Air Canada’s red maple leaf logo,) proudly displayed on the belly of the plane, emphasized with a black background? It may even boost the Canadian spirit, as those standing beneath Air Canada’s flight path will see their beloved maple leaf soar overhead, particularly while celebrating 150 years of Canadian pride this year.

For the first time in 24 years, the Rondelle is now also showcased prominently on the plane’s tail, which seems to have been Smith’s main wish for the new design.

Christopher Bates, a Canadian Menswear Designer, is responsible for the modern design for Air Canada employee uniforms across the board, from pilots to customer service agents. The general theme is a timeless modern black suit, with red accents.
Air Canada Reveals New Brand including new uniforms
With input from Air Canada employees, significant changes have been made to the uniform for ease of maintenance, durability, safety and functionality. Women’s shirts are now lighter and wrinkle free, and their handbags have been switched to messenger bags so that they can carry all their work tools with ease.

David Hawksworth, Chef & Restaurateur, designed a new in-flight cuisine to fit the needs of today’s modern international travel.

Veronique Rivest, well known on the international stage for her passion of gastronomy and wine, placing second in the Best Sommelier of the World in 2013, brings her pallet and experience to pair Hawksworth’s fare with a selection of Canadian, new and old world wine to be enjoyed at 30,000 feet.

Along with these new menu choices, travelers will also be offered complimentary beverages, including Lavazza premium Italian coffee, and Toronto’s own Dufflet Pastries, including pumpkin spice loaf.

What do you think of the new design?  Are you eager to see the Rondelle soaring high?