Is it just me, or do ramen noodles really hit the spot on those epic cold days? We’re in the middle of those epic cold days right now, so it’s time to lifehack our way to warmer selves without adding a second mortgage to pay our heating bills. Here are my top tips to keep you warmer this winter without hulk-smashing your budget.

Lifehack Tips for Keeping Warm

  1. My first tip is all kinds of delicious. For a limited time, Teriyaki Experience has you covered with their Winter Warmers promotion (Feb 13 to Mar 12). Enjoy a heaping helping of ramen noodles, complete with a ton of fresh veggies, and even half of a boiled egg, and so much less sodium than what you find in those cheap cup noodles. YUM! Sign up to their newsletter now, and enjoy a $1 off coupon for any of their soups; including Miso Soup, which is only $3!
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    I’m a huge fan of miso soup, especially when I have a cold, I swear it’s better than chicken noodle. Their miso has the largest chunks of tofu I have ever seen in a soup! Once you’ve signed up to Teriyaki Experience’s newsletter, SHARE their current deal with your friends and received a BOGO for their Ramen Noodle Bowls. That coupon is worth $10 alone!
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  2. This hack is something I found from; it’s so simple and I entirely wound up with a facepalm moment for never thinking of it myself. Got something in the oven? Keep the oven door open, and let the hot air fill your room(s) once you’re done! Awesome, right?
  3. Layer up! When you’re feeling Brrrr! don’t automatically reach for the thermometer dial; go for a second sweater instead. It takes the same amount of time to warm up from a second (or third) layer of clothing as it does for your vents to pour more hot air into your home. And if you’re not a fan of multiple layers of thick winter wear, pick up some thermals for light, thin material that can easily be warm under your usual winter threads.
  4. Invest in a [easyazon_link keywords=”door draft stopper” cloak=”n” locale=”CA” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”geewitsty-20″]door draft stopper[/easyazon_link]. Test the floors near every door that leads to outside. If they’re cold, that means you’re let hot air out, and cold air in. We had one door that was so susceptible to frigid weather, it even blew in dust and bits of leaves. Simply adding a draft stopper to that door was an immense relief by keeping the warmth in, and we never saw a speck of dust by that door again.
  5. I haven’t tried this, but it sounds so awesome, yay Pinterest! Make a terracotta pot heater and heat any room you need to for 4 to 12 cents a day, whoa. The instructions seem pretty simple, so I can’t wait to try this sometime soon!

I’m feeling warm just by remembering these tips to help you out this winter season. Do you have any great lifehacking tips to keep the chill at bay?

And seriously, hook yourself up with amazing coupons from Teriyaki Experience for healthy, delicious, oh so warm soups!

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Teriyaki Experience in a partnership with Geek with Style to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make better informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.