With the ever growing popularity of Pinterest*, anyone who deals with sharing pictures online really needs to step up their watermarking skills; photographers, website owners, bloggers, facebook and twitter users… I really do mean anyone, so listen up! 🙂

Here's why you need to learn the craft of watermarking….

See that awesome set of pictures on Pinterest? (link above)

All of those really cool pics that you want to share with your friends were originally pinned through tumblr, which is another photo-sharing social media network. That means, you're probably not going to find that recipe for that delicious looking piece of cake that you're staring at right now; that is, not without creating a tumblr account merely to check if the person who added that photo to their tumblr account happened to add the link to the website as well (50/50 chance.)

:/ Bummer.

And that's only one example of how image ownership can get lost within sites like pinterest.

So, while it's a bit too late for the owner of that cake recipe to initiate effective damage control, let's not make it too late for you.

(click on the quality button [2nd from the “CC”] and select 1080p to get the best picture quality)

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*Did you know there are still people out there who have never heard of pinterest? This is staggering considering how quick it's kicking Facebook's and Twitter's butts in redirection!