Bi-Annual Blogathon Bash!

If you hit refresh a few times while you're here for the next couple of days, things may look mighty different each time. In fact you might get an error code… or two!

Why? 'Cause I'm participating in the Bi-Annual Blogathon Bash, which really is just an excuse to extend on why I'm futzing around with my blog code still.

Blogging like crazy!

I *hope* to blog like crazy once I'm done fooling around with my sidebars and headers n' other stuff. I had a complete eureka moment about half an hour ago about some code that has been bothering me for about a month, so if nothing else happens to this site for the rest of the Bash, I'll still consider it a success! WOOT!

So yeah, this is pretty much just a warning that things will look funny until the 13th of March. But if an error does arise, you probably won't be able to read this post!



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Biannual Blogathon Bash

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