So something funny happened in my mail today, and I wanted to share it with you all in a quick, hopefully amusing, six second or less video.  Except, up until this point, Android users didn’t have access to the awesome that is Vine. I was all *sad face* and went to Google Play hoping to find an alternative.  Imaging my second amazing surprise for the day, when I saw this…

Vine Now Available for Android

Like… YAY!! VINE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID! (Go download it now!) How awesome is this??  I’ve obviously haven’t been able to play with it much, but it was really simple to get film the video bit that I wanted.

One thing I have noticed, ’cause I wanted to share my video through the Twitter embed function, is that my vine video didn’t tweet.  Twitter is having issues today though, that may or may not have to do with Android users using Vine, so its possible that my tweet disappeared into the ether before it reached the masses.  Ah well.

I was able to upload it to YouTube though, ’cause Vine saves an .mp4 file onto your smartphone… which is finally a reason why I would consider going for bigger hard drive space on my phone (or at least ensure I can extend with an sd card.)  EDIT: So the Vine tweet finally showed up, will have to find out if it usually takes a while or if this was just a one time thing.

So yeah, thanks to Canada Dry, I wanted to share this with ya’ll, lol…


Are you on vine?  Did you finally download the app today?