“How to Use Your Robot” is a sentence I’ve been waiting a lifetime to read, and I can’t thank Dyson enough for making that a possibility with their development of the 360 Eye vacuum cleaner. Ever since The Jetsons, I’ve always wanted a household maintenance robot with attitude, one that would help me out with boy-problems until they would invariably wind up with robot-boy-problems of their own. The chance to review the 360 Eye robot vacuum is a BIG step closer to that #lifegoal.

Dyson 360 Eye Review: Charging Station

Remember Rosie? A cleaning robot that would use dust busters and vacuums?

The Jetsons Rosie the Robot

She’d always have something quippy to say, (though somehow the internet is totally lacking on Rosie quotes. I found all of one quote! How did that happen??)

Instead of being the vacuum or iron, she was a robot that would handle these bits of technology for her family, the Jetsons.

Dyson went one step beyond that concept though, and built a vacuum with an AI.

Yep! It’s the vacuum that, with the right firmware update, will soon take over the world! [insert maniacal laughter here]

Dyson 360 Eye Review How to Use Your Robot

While I tend to throw manuals away, I’m absolutely keeping this one forever. The cover alone is amazing.

So how does this baby roll? With tank tracks of course.

unboxing dyson 360 eye tank tracks

If you want to see more up close photos, check out This is the Droid You’ve Been Looking For: Unboxing Dyson’s 360 Eye where I unbox this rocking robot.

The Super Quick Review Video

I created a super quick video for you to see Dyson’s 360 Eye robot vacuum in action. See how it effortlessly leaves its own charging station, picks up bits of cereal, and then finds its way back to its station all on its own.

It’s entirely hands-free.

The Noise

In my unboxing post, Mommy Outside wanted to know…

Is the dyson 360 eye robot noisy?

I wish I could show you how not-noisy this robot is. I was going to leave the audio alone in the video above, but I was so focused on the Dyson, I had completely ignored my fish tank. You want loud? Sit beside my tank apparently. Oops.

The 360 Eye robot vacuum is not altogether super quiet, but it’s also not as loud as many vacuums tend to be. You’ll hear the cyclonic suction action, and you’ll hear some gentle thudding if you stand and watch your 360 Eye move around furniture as it gets its bearings.

It’s not loud though. If you have pets, they will likely not be afraid of this vacuum on noise alone, unless they’re super sensitive and easily freak out at similar appliance noises, like your microwave for instance.

The Dyson App

Dyson’s Purifiers, and now also the Robot vacuum can be hooked up to a smartphone app that will then act as your remote control.

Help Me Name My Baby Robot

My robot is currently called “Downstairs” from a quick pull-down menu naming option, but that’s not going to stick.  On the one hand, I think I’d like to name it “Loki”, since the purifier is called “Thor”. By that reasoning though, it could also be named “Hulk” in honor of the upcoming Marvel “Thor: Ragnarok” movie.

But I also really want to call it R2D2. Much like the lovable Star Wars drone, this little buddy has a mind of its own. While I can tell it when to clean, and the general direction of where, it chooses which direction it will take to clean each room.

And then, of course, there is Rosie. I’ve always wanted a Rosie.

It’s the little things in life that make it awesome, and I’m a bit stuck here. If you have any baby names you want to share to name this robot, I’m all eyes!

dyson 360 eye review app paired to robot vacuum

If you’re the type who doesn’t even want to think about vacuuming, set it and then totally go ahead and forget it. The Dyson App has a scheduler, so that you can decide when your robot will wake up and remove those pesky crumbs from the floor.

dyson 360 eye review app setting schedule

If there is a consistent time in the day when no one is home, have your robot vacuum go to town on the carpets then.

dyson 360 eye robot review app schedule

Check out the software auto-update function below. Since turning Loki / Hulk / Rosie on for the first, it has already had a software update.  The geniuses behind this special AI are continuously working to make this the best robot vacuum you could ever have, even after you’ve bought it.

dyson 360 eye review app paired to robot vacuum settings


What the Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Can Do

  • It can vacuum on a set schedule. You don’t even need to be home.
  • Thanks to the Eye’s depth perception, it can avoid stairs, so you don’t need to worry about it falling down steps while on the job.
  • It can work in darker rooms, BUT it will do so at a much slower pace to ensure it’s not going to bump hard into furniture, or fall down those stairs that were mentioned above. From what I’ve seen there is a 20-minute lifespan on a fully charged battery, so less area of your room will be cleaned between charges with darker rooms.
  • The vacuum will thoroughly clean your floors. It is meticulous in ensuring it picks up dust and dirt from every square of tile and rug. The map in the app will show you its recent trace-route.

What Your Robot Will Need Help On

  • You’ll need to move the charging station around depending on distance and floors. Try to get into a habit of moving your vacuum around the house at night. Maybe sync up the floors, or rooms (depending on the distance of your floor plans), by days of the week. Mondays could be basement days, Wednesdays can be the first floor, Fridays are the top floor vacuuming days for example.
  • The dust and dirt doesn’t disappear into another dimension, once the 360 Eye sucks it up. Just be sure to dump the bin regularly, and even wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

One Thing Missing

If there was one thing missing from this robot, it’s a counter-intuitive manual mode. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE how independent my little vacuum buddy is. But there are minor occasions where I would love to direct the vacuum on where to target its cleaning.

Sometimes the nephews spill food on the floor while they’re still learning on how to properly navigate a fork to mouth.

I would love to use the app to remote control the robot to go directly to the affected area after dinner. Or have the ability to tell my robot buddy to target a specific area with some kind of targeting system.

As far as I can tell, that’s not doable (at least not yet. Who knows what the future holds for the 360 Eye robot vacuum.)  So you may need a cheap handheld duster type vacuum for those infrequent messes, and let the robot take care of the general cleanliness of your home.


So, what do you think of the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum? If you have any questions, give me a shout below.


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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dyson Canada in a partnership with Geek with Style to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make better-informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.