Excited for Hallowe’en this year?? Well, I might have another way for you to enjoy all the fun of creepy, crawly, and ghouly. During the day of Saturday, October 28th, 2017, visit your local comic book shop and potentially collect 18 full-sized and 12 bite-sized comics for yourself and your kids! What’s not to love about free reading material? Especially when they’re comics with fab art to go along with it.

Halloween ComicFest 2017 - October 28th 2017

Visit the Store Locator to make sure your local comic shop is participating. Get dressed up if you wish, and head on over for some great treats. And maybe even a few tricks.

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Check out all the great full-sized comics available for free on Saturday! Want an early preview of any of the comics? Go to the Halloween ComicFest site for more details on each one.
Halloween Comics Fest Full Size 2017 Halloween Comics Fest Full Size 2017
…and don’t forget the Mini-Comics packages to pick up for your mini superheroes!

Halloween Comics Fest 2017 Mini Comics for Trick or Treat (Teal Pumpkin Project)

2015 Mini-Comic Review

I’ve been purchasing mini-comics for our trick-or-treaters for a couple of years now. Here’s a review of three mini-comics I handed out to little monsters back in 2015…

As an avid supporter of the Teal Pumpkin Project, I am always excited with the idea of handing out comics as a non-food treat!

Teal Pumpkin Project Canada

There is a great selection of comics for 2015, and these are the ones I’ve chosen to hand out this year. Kit is a BIG fan of Skylanders, and the idea of sharing Archie with a new generation of comic readers is smile-worthy.

If you’re curious of what kids will receive with a mini-comic, here’s a run-down of the three packages (25 comics in each pack) that I have to hand out.

Halloween ComicFest Comics from Boom, Archie and Skylanders


Age: Any

This IDW Halloween ComicFest mini comic has three short action-packed Skylanders stories within. Anyone who enjoys Skylanders will adore this book. The first story, “Light Show” has Chef Pepper Jack heating up a Mabu village, and a notable knight comes over to save the inhabitants from the big bully. The second story “The Fast and the Spurious” has another favoured Skylander teaching Dr. Krankcase how to play fairly. And the third story, “Crushed by Candy” helps point out that candy shouldn’t be eaten unless checked first.  All three stories are entertaining while imparting a great life-lesson to heed.

World of Archie

Age: Any

Archie and Jughead just want to party, and this zany story shows what lengths they’ll go to for an epic night. It’s the kind of cute, “Oh boys.” story you’d expect from Archie.

Boom! Studios Hallowe’en Haunt 2015

Age: 8+

Unlike the first two books, this one might be better for a slightly older crowd. Adventure Time showcases that everyone deserves a bit of fun and second chances. Steven Universe had me a bit confused, probably because I’m not familiar with this comic, but was mainly about figuring out who you are and finding a balance between personal beliefs and law. LumberJanes is also another comic I’m familiar with, but mainly told a spooky story that isn’t for every eye to read.

Halloween ComicFest also has an awesome contest to check out. Snap a pic of yourself and kids in costume (two separate pics,) holding one of the Halloween ComicFest comics and be entered to win the grand prize of $500 Gift Card to a comic book store! Do you know how much damage I could do with a gift card like that?? #Wants

There are also (10) $100 Gift Cards to be one, both in the adult and child categories, as well as a vote-to-win contest where one adult and one child from each of the five costume categories will win a super-packed prize pack of comic-related goodies.

Have you been to a Halloween ComicFest before?

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