It’s flying season according to Parrot, and if you’re looking for the best geek gift for Father’s Day, Parrot has exactly that. Welcome to the world of drones! This is an awesome bit of tech that has been coveted by geeks for years, and there is now a series of affordable, and super user friendly, Mini Drones that will knock the socks off your Geek Dad next weekend.

Let’s Go Fly a Drone

Check out what I got up to on one of my first flights with Dizzy, my Mars class Airborne Cargo Minidrone.

The Bebop 2

While I love Mars (and Max! A more thorough review on both of these minidrones coming soon!) the Bebop 2 is one amazing bit of tech that will be a must have for amateur photographers and videographers. Imagine taking photos and video of your family vacays and events from that one angle that was virtually impossible for the general public until now. From the sky! Check out this amazing video of what the Bebop 2 can do.

Did you not just get chills watching that? Imagine putting that kind of video on your Facebook!


The only thing better than a Parrot drone, is getting a Parrot drone when it’s on sale! And right now Parrot has dropped their prices from $30 to $100 until July 4th. Excellent timing to get your Dad a gift he’s going to have so much fun with for Father’s Day.

Win a Parrot Minidrone Airborne Cargo Drone for Father’s Day

Want to steal the “good child” title from your sib(s) this year? Here’s your chance to WIN a Parrot Minidrone for your Dad!

WIN a Parrot Minidrone for Dad!
WIN a Parrot Minidrone for Dad! Prize might not be exactly as shown.

Have you flown a drone before? Would love to know whether you got hooked right away, or whether the controls might have felt too complicated. Possibly the main thing about Parrot drones that I love is how simple they are to control, even for beginners like me.