It’s Valentine’s Day! And that means…

Congratulations to our Valentine’s Series winners!! Smile Brilliant! LED Teeth Whitening Kit ~ Heather H. ~ HP ENVY X2 Laptop/Tablet and Photosmart 7520 eAIO printer ~ Darla H. ~ Just want to thank all of you for participating in Geek with Style’s Valentine’s Day Series!  I had a TON of fun and hope you all did […]

Prepping for your Valentine’s Day with Less than 24 Hours to Go!

Making Valentine’s Day Special with Help from HP (Day 5) This is it! This is the last post for the HP ENVY X2 and Photosmart eAIO 7520 e-printer Valentine’s Day series!  In under 24 hours Rafflecopter will announce a winner.  So fantabulous! And if that wasn’t big enough, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!!  Are you ready??  Have […]

Prepping for your Valentine’s Day with Windows 8 Metro Apps

Making Valentine’s Day Special with Help from HP (Day 4) So, only a couple days left until Valentine’s Day!  Are you excited??  Someone here will be waking up to an email that says they’ve won a HP ENVY X2 Laptop (that seamlessly doubles as a tablet) AND a Photosmart eAIO 7520 printer!!  HOW EXCITING IS THIS??  I really […]

Prepping for your Valentine’s Day with The Best Love Song List Ever

Making Valentine’s Day Special with Help from HP (Day 3) Did you watch the Grammy’s last night?  I figured it would be fitting to talk music today… Every time I write up a blog post, I always say to The Hubs, “The next one won’t be nearly as long as this one, I swear!”  It took me about […]

Prepping for your Valentine’s Day with DIY (Part 2 of 5)

Making Valentine’s Day Special with Help from HP (Day 2) I have to admit, there were a number of comments in the past couple of days that completely line up with upcoming HP Valentine’s Series posts, including how to utilize both HP ENVY x2 and the eAIO Photosmart 7520 printer to create some DIY gifts, such […]

Prepping for your Valentine’s Day While on the Go (Part 1 of 5)

Making Valentine’s Day Special with Help from HP (Day 1) Valentine’s Day isn’t that far away, and if you haven’t noticed, I want to make it something special this year.  No particular reason why; I just feel like going retro with a romantic celebration like something from back in the day (and if I can convince the Hubs […]

Valentine’s Day Series: Whiten Teeth for a Brilliant Smile

Have you been looking for best / easiest /cost-effective way to brighten your smile?  After years of drinking diet cokes and french vanilla cappuccinos, I am concerned about my smile.  When the drug store teeth-whitening stickers were finally on the shelves I would dare say I was one of the first to shell out $50 for […]

Valentine’s Day Series: What to Wear?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re gonna need something to wear right? And what you wear is all gonna depend on what you do. Trust me when I say there’s nothing worse then wearing a just-above-the-knee skirt to a bowling alley. Especially the way I bowl…  Hey!  There’s nothing wrong with granny […]

Valentine’s Day Series: Find a Friend on Your Smartphone with Badoo

I’m trying to think of the last time I truly paid attention to Valentine’s Day, but for some reason, this year its making a “come back” for me! 🙂  I’m not looking to be wined & dined (OR whined & dined) by the Hubs, but I’m thinking I might push him towards maybe a movie […]

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