Over a year and a half ago Target began opening doors in Canada, something which was wildly anticipated across the country well before the “Zellers” signs had any chance of cooling off. Canadians have loved Target for years, despite the fact that it was a US-only company only until very recently. Excitement bubbled in all corners of the GTA; from their clothing and accessory brands, the groceries with coupon stacking, the huge electronic market, etc, there was this collective eagerness for Canadians to finally get to enjoy what their American neighbours have been taking advantage of for years. Then in late March 2013, the doors finally opened at select locations, and the consumers who fervently awaited for plus-size clothing options found themselves devastated. The clothes they so enjoyed purchasing from Target in the States were no where to be found. Things are changing for Target Canada though…

Last year I wrote a blog post on my utter disappointment on how Target could ignore their potential plus-sized customers. I still clearly remember even now, the exact moment when a fellow plus-size fashion blogger had told me that she couldn’t find clothing in the sizes we were expecting when she went to the soft-opening of the Guelph Target. I also remember being in a bit of denial.

Despite the rather long title, “Open Letter to Target Canada from a Plus Sized Fashion Lover” became Geek with Style’s second-most popular blog post with over 4K pageviews since it was first published, and developed into a long-lasting (#1 Google pageranked) testament of how Canadian plus-sized shoppers felt betrayed.

It is so very inspiring to know that not only did Target Canada listen to our collective objections, but they also eventually found a way to make the changes that we’ve desired. We’re getting what we’ve all asked for, which is possibly what Target Canada had in mind when they touted the “true Target brand experience.”

I don’t know what Target Canada has in store for their 2015 debut to Canadian plus size fashion, but I do know I’ll be first in line to find out!

Are you excited yet?