Summer Shoe and Handbag Styles with

~ I’m part of the Blogger Group, All Opinions Are My Own ~ Summer is truly in full force now, so its time to get our sandals on and head to the beach, right?  Whether your ‘cation is vay or stay, hopefully you’ll get some gorgeous sun, sand, and that cool sea breeze at […] June Lookbook

June is just around the corner, which hopefully will be full of warm weather and sunlight to get our Vitamin D on!  I’ve been exploring like crazy over the past couple of days and have been inspired to create a lookbook of my favourite pics for the month. [showbiz justfabmay2013] Are you and your […]

Some of my fave fashion finds for April 2013

So April was a crazy month for my family!  I have a new niece in the form of a French Mastiff/Chocolate Lab; at 9 weeks old now, she’s all kinds of adorable and a LOT of work!  I’ve had to help family move, fix a couple computers and help babysit that new puppy-niece, as well […]