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Summer is truly in full force now, so its time to get our sandals on and head to the beach, right?  Whether your ‘cation is vay or stay, hopefully you’ll get some gorgeous sun, sand, and that cool sea breeze at least once this season!  If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m addicted to JustFab.ca’s shoe and handbag collections, and they’ve got a ton of pretties this season. You should check out their Summer Shop Lookbook!

JustFab.ca Sumer Shop Lookbook

And what’s even better right now is their BOGO deal, with 400+ items to choose from!  Until July 31st, you can pick out two of your fave styles for the season! How awesome is that??

JustFab.ca Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal

I personally have a hard time choosing what I want to get when I go shopping on JustFab.ca, ’cause my wishlist is practically everything they have in store.  You can ask TheHubs, there’s a reason why I’m known as The Bag Lady in our circles, and thanks to JustFab.ca’s prices for fabulous styles, my shoe collection is catching up to my ever still growing bag collection!  😉

Here are my current picks that I’ve enjoyed wearing recently:

Okay, so I’ve totally broken one of my News Years Resolutions… to not purchase anything black or white this year.  I swear it wasn’t going to happen, but then fashion dictated that black and white was one of the best ways to go, so I’ve shelved that resolution for next year, lol!  How have your resolutions come along now that we’re half way through 2013??

JustFab.ca Sola flats and Minimalist handbag

Shoes: Sola $29.95, Handbag: Minimalist $39.95, both from JustFab.ca  Tights: Addition Elle

JustFab.ca Corfu sandals

Shoes:  Corfu $39.95 from JustFab.ca, Dress: Penningtons

Am SO lucky that my clothes washing skillz are good enough to keep my whites their brightest!

My wardrobe isn’t all black and white though (I think that would freak TheHubs out just a bit!) so there is some fun colours involved too!  I’m loving this blue and red striped wedge; they’re so comfy to wear, though I have to admit, its taken me awhile to adjust to their height, lol.  My shoes are usually no higher than an inch.

JustFab.ca Red and Blue striped wedge.

Shoes:  Lane $39.95 from JustFab.ca, Capri Jeans: Addition Elle

So what are your favourite shoe trends for the summer?