7 Exciting Things to Do in the Quebec Maritime

If you find yourself road tripping across the Quebec maritime region (which you totally should do), here are seven fun things to do while you’re in the area.   Things to Do While Road Tripping Through the Quebec Maritime Region Whale Watching To be honest, I didn’t have a clue that whale watching was a […]

8 Unique Places to Stay While Visiting Maritime Quebec

Looking for unique and unusual places to stay while visiting the maritime area of Quebec? Here are eight adventurous places where the fun begins the moment you unload your bags. The highly forested areas of the Quebec maritime and Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean is simply gorgeous. Take a deep breath of clean, fresh, woodsy air. Get […]

Adventure Awaits: That Time a Wolf Ate My Boot in Quebec

If you’re looking for an adventurous kind of experience for your next vacation, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the maritime area of Quebec. Embrace the rugged terrain, epic places to camp out, hike, kayak, and don’t forget the fjords. Didn’t know Quebec had a maritime? Yeah, me neither!  Who knew? The answer is Europeans. Apparently the […]

A Tribute to Gord Downie, Citrus Silver Silk Wrap of COURAGE

If you’re a geek for local artists, and meaningful accessories that truly have you in mind, I have a shop that you need to check out: Citrus Silver. Citrus Silver is a jewellery design shop of hand-stamped, timeless accessories that defines you by the moments, people, and words that bring you joy. These are personalized […]

Treasure Hunting North America: The Secret in Montreal

We all love a good treasure hunt, don’t we? Many will flock to second-hand stores, hoping to find that one item that everyone else overlooked. Garage sales are still a thing here in Toronto. Kijiji is accessed daily, on the off-chance that someone is selling a yet unidentified precious antique that is doing nothing more […]

Great New Movie/TV Releases on Netflix Canada

I don’t believe I’ve kept it a secret on how much I enjoy my Netflix account.  TheHubs and I are like *this close* to fully cancelling our cable account (except we need to keep a couple international channels on hand for when our family decides to drop by for a week or two,) ’cause when […]

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