So… turns out Deadpool dies today. *sob* The merc with a mouth is easily one of my favourite characters, and not just because he’s Canadian (possibly even a fellow Torontonian, I still need to go search that out,) but the dude is funny. Sure, I love reading suspense-filled mysteries, but this girl’s gotta laugh, and Deadpool’s crazy antics are highly epic. He’s inappropriate, simultaneously cray-cray, but insightful, in his fourth-wall barrier breaking ways, and he doesn’t give up. He’ll literally tear a limb off to go save a stranger… though it helps that he fit that limb right back on later. He’s also known for killing masses of people and aliens alike, simply so that he could turn his book into a best seller. He’s complicated. And it’s awesome.

Someone, somewhere, counted up all the various instances of Deadpool over the years and realised that today’s issue (#45) would be his 250th appearance. So what better time to kill a virtually unkillable character, right? With a Deadpool movie being filmed as I type this, slated to be released sometime next year, there are rumors that Fox and Marvel are butting heads on Deadpool royalties. So instead of playing nice, Marvel is taking this character away until some (hopefully) future notice.  I can’t imagine a movie release without there being prelude, and post-movie comic issues, but I guess we have a year to see!

Again, rumor. Who truly knows why a character must die, other than those that have the power?

As a side note, I feel like I need to wear an apology shirt or something these days, ’cause if I start liking a character, guaranteed death within a year. A girl can get a complex, seriously.

So while I go mope, here are my selections for today’s #PullList.

    Marvel Comic Releases for April 8th, 2015

  1. Max Ride: First Flight #1
  2. True Believers: Civil War #1

    The Civil War series is the one I first begun with when I was reintroduced myself to the comic world. I’m still looking for #1, but this would be a great addition to that collection. It’s also a great story, so why not for $1?

    true-believers-civil-war-1-coverWhat can you get for a dollar? How about the Marvel Universe? Marvel is proud to present TRUE BELIEVERS – special introductory comics for the low price of only $1 each. Coming this April your window into the biggest stories in Marvel history costs only a buck! Enter the world of Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, the critically-acclaimed ICON series Powers and many more with the first chapters of these top-selling, critically-acclaimed collections. Just in time for Secret Wars (maybe you’ve heard of it? Secret Wars – the biggest Marvel event ever!), catch up on some of the most celebrated stories in Marvel histories before their appearance in the biggest comic event of 2015!
  3. True Believers: Planet Hulk #1
  4. All-New Hawkeye #2

    I’m entirely loving the new series, and have only read the first one so far! I actually have a signed copy of #1 to give away to one of you lucky readers, so keep an eye out for that contest, as it should be coming soon! For once though, I’m not entirely in love with the variant covers… except maybe the Howard the Duck one, if that’s an homage to Back to the Future or something (which I don’t think it is….)
    Writer: Jeff Lemire
    Cover Artist: Perez / Francavilla
    Arrows over Bed-Stuy! Intrigue at the circus! The past and present merge as Hawkeyes Barton and Bishop race against time to save a group of innocent kids, with devastating powers.

  5. Howard the Duck #2

    Again, another comic with a want to collect them all variant covers. I was eager to read this comic since we saw the duck in Guardians of the Galaxy (even though the Howard the Duck movie didn’t leave me wanting, lol,) I knew that the reboot would be fun to read, and you can’t go wrong with a comic that includes Rocket Racoon. So looking forward to reading the continuation on this one!

    Writer: Chip Zdarsky
    Cover Artist: Joe Quinones
    Howard’s first big case has taken him across the universe and landed him in the clutches of THE COLLECTOR! But he’s not alone as the very popular ROCKET RACOON is a prisoner as well! Have you ever seen a comic book sequel to a post-credits scene in a movie? Well, you will now! Join comics legend STAN LEE in reading this issue (I’m assuming he’ll read it. Hi Stan!)!
  6. Avengers: Millennium #2

    What is it about Captain America, Hawkeye and dinosaurs?? Nah, I get it. Dinosaurs capture everyone’s imagination, or else we wouldn’t be trying to bring them back so hard. It was fun the first time that happened, so eager to see what’s in store this time around!

    Writer: Mike Costa
    Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu
    At a secret Hydra installation hidden away in rural Japan, the Avengers discover a time-portal that sends them on an adventure that spans millennia. But what kind of bad guys have a time machine they don’t use to change the past? Bad guys who know they win… The only thing standing between our immutable past and our wasted, ruined future are the Avengers, finally reunited to battle a doomsday weapon thousands of years in the hatching.
  7. Ant-Man #4

    I honestly just want the variant cover.

    Writer: Nick Spencer
    Cover Artist: Dave Rapoza
    • Ant-Man has to pull off an impossible break-in, but he can’t do it alone. Which means… he’s gonna need a new gang! • Er, of criminals. New gang of criminals. Probably should mention that part. • This is all because of that stupid mysterious bad guy we can’t tell you about. Man, that is annoying. • Out with it already, right? Comics.
  8. Darth Vader #4
  9. S.H.I.E.L.D #4
  10. Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #5
  11. Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #6
  12. Spider-Woman #6
  13. Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #7
  14. Guardians 3000 #7
  15. Storm #10
  16. Scarlet #10
  17. Silver Surfer #11
  18. Spider-Man 2099 #11
  19. Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #12
  20. Captain Marvel #14
  21. Hulk #14
  22. Avengers World #19
  23. Deadpool #45

    Ah, Deadpool no. *sniff* This comic is $9.99 MSRP, instead of the common $3.99, and I’m having a really hard time figuring out which variation I’d want to pick up if I can find them all.
    Death of Deadpool Variant covers
    Writer: Benjamin a. Blacker
    Cover Artist: Scott Koblish
    FINAL ISSUE! That’s right—if you add together all the Deadpool series (creatively) issue 45 is the big 250th issue of Deadpool! What better way to celebrate than to end the series? In our over-sized main story, ULTIMATUM comes at Deadpool for revenge, so he has no choice but to take them on—ALL OF THEM. Then, in an Infinity Gauntlet crossover, what would Deadpool do if he got the six gems from Thanos? Plus: a slew of stories showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies by special guest writers! Also, SPOILER: Deadpool dies at the end of the issue.

    DC Comic Releases for April 8th, 2015

    The Convergence begins! And I have no clue whether I want to read these stories or not. Well, I am entirely curious over Justice League, Harley Quinn and Nightwing/Oracle, but do I need to read all the others to understand what’s going on?? Hmm… Guess we’ll see.

  1. Arrow Season 2.5 #7
  2. Batman: Arkham Knight #2
  3. Convergence #1

    I guess if any of them would shed the most light on the convergence deal, it would be this one.

    Writer: Scott Lobdell, Jeff King
    Artist: Jason Paz, Carlo Pagulayan
    This is it! The entire DC Universe, from the dawn of time through The New 52, must fight to survive against a threat that bends the Multiverse to its will. Your favorite characters from every era and every forgotten series are all here! But are you going to say hello again just to say goodbye forever? The stakes have never been higher as the heroes of Crisis, Zero Hour, Elseworlds, and more are brought together for Convergence!

    In the first issue of this weekly series, Brainiac has collected cities of doomed and forgotten worlds, who must battle each other – and the losers will be destroyed! But why is he forcing this conflict? Join the refugees from Earth-2 as they unlock the truth behind this world that exists outside time and space and is very much alive! Is Brainiac really in control – or is this planet named Telos an unparalleled force of evil?

    This extra-sized issue is packed with twists and turns and appearances you NEVER thought you’d see – including the heroes from the hit series INJUSTICE!

  4. Convergence: Batgirl #1
  5. Convergence: Batman and Robin #1

    Writer: Ron Marz
    Artist: Klaus Janson, Denys Cowan
    STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! Being trapped in a domed city makes for a tense, inescapable family reunion as Batman struggles to keep the friction between Damian Wayne and Jason Todd from exploding!
  6. Convergence: Harley Quinn #1

    Writer: Steve Pugh
    Artist: John Dell, Phil Winslade

    STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! Life for Harley Quinn has become downright normal over the last year. Will she be ready to go nuts when Catwoman and Poison Ivy draft her to fight – Captain Carrot?!

  7. Convergence: Justice League #1

    Writer: Frank Tieri
    Artist: Vicente Cifuentes
    STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! The Justice League story you never expected to see begins when Supergirl, Zatanna, Vixen and Jade attend Jesse Quick’s baby shower, which quickly turns into a life-and-death struggle with Flashpoint Aquaman!
  8. Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #1

    Writer: Gail Simone
    Artist: Dan Parsons, Jan Duursema-Mandrake

    STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! Just as they’ve finally been reunited, the romance between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon is sentenced to execution by Flashpoint Hawkman and Hawkwoman!

  9. Convergence: Speed Force #1
  10. Convergence: Superman #1
  11. Convergence: The Atom #1
  12. Convergence: The Question #1
  13. Convergence: Titans #1
  14. Mortal Kombat X #5
  15. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #56
    I’m partially surprised that there isn’t a “Convergence: Scooby-Doo” to be honest! 😉

So what did you pick up today, or are looking forward to getting your hands on most this week??