My #geek was totally showing today at 6:30 AM. Quite possibly to an uncomfortable level for everyone involved on Twitter this morning, heh.

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I stood in “line” for 2 and a half hours to land a wristband for tonight’s book signing at the Manulife Centre Indigo in downtown TO.

I think only thirty of us were in line by the time the doors at Indigo finally opened, which was a massive surprise to all of us there. You see, Sci-Fi fans are a special breed, one that typically cross-pollinates with Gamers. We’re the bunch that will sit vigil in front of the Apple store (if your so inclined) or EB Games or FutureShop, just to get the first on new tech or DVD or game (but to also ensure we walk away with our goal despite the HIGH demand)

We’ll go up to our favourite actor, in costume, and ask for their autograph and possibly a pic. Hallowe’en is just another opportunity to be fannish for some.

In fact, certain fans believe in their chosen fandom so much, that they follow the story’s religion as their own. And if you’re thinking, “Yeah, right!” and/or “What?”, you should enquire about how to claim Jedi as your official faith.

So yeah, a little disappointed in the geeks that decided to sleep in this morning. Or go to work. Don’t know which is worse.

William Shatner is in the house tonight, and even if he’s not going to read from his new book nor answer questions from his adoring public, I’m still unabashedly excited. He might not be the Godfather of Science Fiction, but he’s definitely the Favourite Uncle (the Cookiest Uncle award goes to Adam West….)

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Good Ol’ Cooky Uncle Adam West

I also got to quickly chat with Jann Arden just after listening to her joke about her family and past gigs. She’s such a sweetheart, and it was definitely a moment I’ll treasure for a good while. She too was promoting her memoir (third book under her belt!) that I’m happily a few chapters in already, as well as her new CD which I’m looking forward to listening to on iTunes.

Well that’s two days and two posts while wearing my GeekChic hat already. I’m hoping to work in some fashion or perhaps something on coupons tomorrow!

Here are a couple pics from last night. 🙂 I’m kicking myself for not taking a pic of Jann Arden’s boots! They were of the awesome, and I want a pair! XD

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