Vive Le Plus Revolution!!

Aeryn Lynne

So on November 15th I will be live blogging from the On The Curve: The Time is Now fashion show. Going to a Plus Sized fashion show will be a first for me, so it will definitely be an experience!

In the meantime....

I recently flipped through my LOULOU magazine, and was completely shocked to see a Plus Sized model in one of the articles. I froze from my casual flippiness, and I think my eyes even bugged out a bit. I shouldn't be that excited to see a big gal in a fashion mag, but considering the trials and tribulations (William Shatner reference, as I got to go see him last night OMG!) of people who enjoy fashion, who are also more than a 12, it was big news for me!

LOULOU has had an add-on mag with plus sized fashion before, but it's really just an advertisement for Addition Elle, 'cause those are the only clothes you'll see in it. Not that this is a bad thing. I LOVE Addition Elle. There is always something there that fits my style AND my waist line, so I will forever be their patron. But, I'll tell you a little secret. Addition Elle isn't the only plus sized fashion store. I couldn't tell you another label/brand that I've seen in LOULOU that caters to 14+ sizes until today. And it's possible that I've missed these other models, because they really are far and few in between, but the way I reacted by seeing this one, I'm thinking I haven't.

So this is what first caught my attention:

Vive Le Plus Revolution!! 1

Lovely Joanie is wearing a Donna Morgan that is available in 14W to 22W at Lola & Gigi (an On The Curve fashion show sponsor!!)... but that's not all.

When I was done jumping for joy, I thought about actually reading.

Vive Le Plus Revolution!! 2

I'm sorry, WHAT?! Fake flawless? I'm sorry, all I see is flawless, and it's not because of the dress. This woman is fabulous, and seriously LOULOU, you try to be different from the rest, but you just kicked yourself here.

I then flipped to the next page, assuming I'd see more plus sized fashion ('cause this girl needs more than one dress wrap to look shiny this season), but this is what I get instead.

Vive Le Plus Revolution!! 3

Wait! Where are my girls?? You or your friends may call Kim Kardashian a fat cow, but seriously. One, that's MEAN! And two, she's not "full figured"! The moment Kardashian becomes a plus-sized model with her current figure, I will have to run for office or something. ALL women need all the help they can get these days to boost their self-esteem and understand that YES, they are valuable... and posting another pic of Kardashian is NOT HELPING.

So, I quickly realised that that was it. Our one moment in the light was less than 15 minutes. I flipped through the rest of the articles to see if there were other plus sized models showcasing their awesome stuff in the other figures, but nothing.

Here's another secret: Plus-sized women come in all shapes and sizes. We're not all hourglassed.

I'm posting this as part of my NaBloPoMo blogging month entries. I do want to say more (for instance, I need to find where one of our house guests stashed my LOULOU so that I can reference which volume I was ready and the other shapes that were referenced,) but I got run to an Argos game right now! AARRRRRGGGOOOSSSS!!!

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