A couple weeks ago, I was invited to try my hand at a half-hour Metro Master Class to simultaneously celebrate the opening of a new boutique Metro at Humber Bay Park in the west end of Toronto, as well as the upcoming Taste of Toronto event happening this July 2nd to 5th! Thanks to Chef Elia Herrera (Executive Chef of Los Colibris and El Caballito,) 12 of us learned how to mash up a truly delicious guacamole. It’s an incredibly easy recipe that has quickly become a favourite dish to make at this Geek’s casa, but I wouldn’t have ever tried to make without help of this pop-up class. I had this preconceived notion that guac was hard to make, and am forever grateful for being proved wrong by Herrera as she shared her recipe with us.

Chef Elia Herrera, as we’re all getting ready to start making yummy guac.


Fresh ingredients straight from the brand new Metro Boutique store in Humber Bay Park.


Avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, a dash of salt and half a cup of lime juice, all mashed up! Easy right?

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Fab take-home containers, and SO MUCH GUAC! It’s a good thing I had a hungry family to come home to!

I truly didn’t have a clue that we were going to be having a much-loved mexicana night, until I made a bucketful of guacamole with an 8 hour shelf-life! My in-class mashing skills with a fork weren’t the best, so I threw the whole container of guac into my stand mixer (minus the actual container natch,) for about 30 seconds to get a smoother consistency. And YUM was it ever good!

Thanks to Chef Herrera, this Metro Master Class is part of this year’s Taste of Toronto line-up! There are 17 classes to choose from occurring throughout the four day event, and they all sound amazing! Since these Master Classes are free with admission to Taste of Toronto (yep, free!), they will all no doubt be incredibly popular events, so be sure to line up earlier for your chosen event(s) to ensure you get a spot. I can’t decide whether I’d like to try to learn from the best on how to prepare Smoked Beef Tenderloin, or perhaps Peach Chutney, or oooh Vietnamese Spring Rolls! There’s just so much to learn and enjoy!

Coming back to Fort York for it’s second year, Taste of Toronto is one awesome looking foodie fest! Meet and learn recipes and tricks of the trade from world renown chefs, pick up those must-have products from the artisan market, and of course, be sure to sample some scrumptious looking meals from the 20+ restaurant vendors. I’ve been checking out the menu, and boy is it going to be hard to choose what to enjoy! It’s certainly great to see a multitude of vegan and gluten free options available.

Tickets for Taste of Toronto are available online now, including a valuable VIP package if you want a truly pampered experience!

Are you planning to go to this ultimate foodie fest? What recipe is on your must try list?