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TomTom Gives You More Contest

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  There's a special code for bonus game coins, just for Geek with Style readers!  Find it below!

TomTom is celebrating the holidays with a cool contest that gives you the chance to “unwrap the world”!

I've had the chance to play the game for the past couple of days, and its definitely addictive!  You have to help out Christopher, your driver, tour around six different hotspots around the world.  The little guy has a lot of goofy moments and gets into trouble, and its up to you to keep him on the right path, with the right tools, for each destination!

TomTom Gives You More: Routes


What can you win?

Well, there are SIX driving adventures  for FOUR to win!  Imagine getting the chance to tour a hot destination for 2013!

Grand prizes

  1. Two weeks road trip for 4 persons on Pacific Highway in North America;
  2. Two weeks road trip for 4 persons on Ruta 40 in South America;
  3. Two weeks road trip for 4 persons on Grand Alpine Route in Europe;
  4. Two weeks road trip for 4 persons on West Cape to East Cape, including Garden Route in South Africa;
  5. Two weeks road trip for 4 persons on “the wrong way around” in Malaysia;
  6. Two weeks road trip for 4 persons on Great Ocean Road and the Princess Highway in Australia.

TomTom Gives You More Route Prizes


Daily Prizes

There are also a bunch of hourly prizes, including: one of 500 TomTom Via 135 M (approx. $229.59 US), one of 500 Nike+ SportGPS (approx. $149 US), or one of thousands TomTom online shop vouchers!

And I did mean goofy moments... check this out!

TomTom Gives You More: Yes There Are Unicorns

Unicorns!  How can you not play when unicorns are involved!?  And they eat rainbow cupcakes.

I want to eat rainbow cupcakes! *grabby hands*

This world-wide competition runs until 15th January 2013 and is open to residents in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, USA (excluding residents of New York and Florida) and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding residents of Quebec), Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and India.

And what is an awesome game without a viral video??

What are you waiting for?  Go enter to win! 🙂

And as promised, here's a bonus code to earn an extra 250 coins to use on your trip!

[box type="bio"]Bonus Coin Code: GeekWithStyle_TomTom[/box]

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