Foxy Originals is having another sale at the Bata Shoe Museum in downtown Toronto, and you’re invited to attend!!  If you’re looking for some gorgeous and affordable gifts to give to friends and family this year, this is a must stop shop!

Jennifer Ger and Suzie Chemel, the designers behind Foxy Originals truly have an eye for creating fun and affordable jewellery that anyone can enjoy! They’ve created some inspiring pieces like the Necklettes (one piece that can turn into a necklace or a bracellet, depending on your mood), some beautiful word are to wear around your neck, and some horoscope pieces that I actually admire (I usually find that sort of jewellery tacky… most likely ’cause my symbol is as masculine as you can get, lol, but their’s is actually fun!)

I’ve had an eye on one of these necklaces for quite a while now, and can’t decide which figment necklace I enjoy more fromt their daydream collection… (Click the image below to see more from this gorgeous collection! Just wow! I’d love to walk away with the Swirl Ring as well! *wants*)

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And I will be all sad!face if these pieces happen to be at the Holiday Sale, ’cause I won’t be in Toronto during their event!

I don’t believe its necessary, but if you click on the invite above, you can join/accept their public invite on their event page.

I can’t believe I’ll be missing this event again! *pout*  I’ll be in Niagara Falls on the event day, but I guess that just means there’s more shiney for the rest of you to choose from!

So… If you do see the necklace from above at the Holiday Sale, can you tweet me a pic? 😀  Maybe I can convince someone to be my shopper while I’m away, lol!