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Aeryn Lynne
Moores Suit Drive 2013

~ This post is brought to you by Moores.  They need your help, so let me break it down for you... ~

I read somewhere that according to Statistics Canada, "more than 754,900 working-age males across the country are unemployed as of May 2013."

And now thanks to Moores, I finally have a reason to go through The Hubs' closet and get out those certain pieces of business attire that doesn't quite fit, ya know?  Like that tie that would look great around someone else's neck (he just wasn't born to wear polka-dots,) or the white and baby-blue collared shirts that are just a bit too short in the cuff, so he's only worn them once or twice. There are men out there, both at home and all over Canada, who are in need of representable business suits to help start making that better life for themselves.

Just today, Mayor Rob Ford mentioned that new jobs are here and more are on the horizon for Toronto as the city prepares for the Pan Am games that will take place here in just two years.

We're working with roughly 7.1% of unemployment across Canada, and while it can sometimes feel scarce, jobs are there.  Everyone deserves a chance at landing that job/career that best suits them, and it pains me to think that the only thing that stands between the most qualified person and the job they've applied for would be whether or not they have the right suit to wear. I know first hand what its like to be judged simply by your looks for whether or not you get the job.  It can get really depressing if you know you're the right person for the job, but the person hiring can't get past how you've physically presented yourself.

So lets even the field, add confidence to those who need it most, and help get hard working individuals back into the workforce where they belong.

Moores is running their 4th annual Canadian Suit Drive from July 1st to 31st, 2013, and they need our help to keep those donations flowing!  According to their donation tracker, they've only met 16% of their goal for this year and I know we can all do better than that!

Find those gently used suits, dress shirts and pants, sports coats, ties, shoes etc (full list can be found here!) And if the simple act of helping our neighbours get back on track, every donor will receive 50% off their next purchase from Moores. (Restrictions apply. See coupon for details.)

Wishing I was downtown that day!

Don't you wish you were downtown that day?? 😉

And if you happen to not have a suit/accessories available, that's not a problem!  Simply RT this message below (or any message including #SuitDrive,) and a $1 will be donated for you (up to $10,000.)

[tweet https://twitter.com/MooresSuitDrive/status/355023827031433216]

So once you've found some fab suits to donate, click here to find your nearest location for drop off.  There are over 100 Moores stores across Canada to choose from! 🙂
Find your closest Moores location to donate.

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Aeryn Lynne

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