#SCCTO was a Blast! Did you think it'd be any different?

Aeryn Lynne

I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a series of posts on everything that went down for the Shes Connected Conference 2011. We were given a LOT of information to take in about blogging, social media and PR friendships, so I've tried processing it for the past week (while trying to get over the flu,) but everything I want to type out will definitely NOT fit all into one post. So...

Here's Part I.

Did I mention I was pretty sick DURING #SCCTO?? *pouts* I had the flu for a week before the conference, so I figured I'd be done by the time we'd all meet up at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Toronto.

Turns out I was WRONG. Not only did I walk into the conference with a major case of a non-transferring ick, I also wound up with laryngitis because of it.

As in I couldn't talk.

During a most crucial time where I was tasked to introduce myself to companies that are interested in working with bloggers. By, you know... TALKING to them.


Luckily I met up with some fabulous bloggers that were happy to pick up on the talking with our Sponsors, while I stood to the side to at least listen to what was going down. The few times that I spoke, it was probably hard on all ears; I know it was at least hard on my voice.

C'est la vie.

I started off my day by making a trip to Blo (North America's Original Blow Dry Bar), where I was kindly treated to a comped blo for my first time going! It was really sweet of @bloheartsyou and Carolyn, aka @Ms_HairCare, to help me feel so inspired for this conference. I can only hope they realise how much I appreciated their offer! ๐Ÿ™‚

#SCCTO was a Blast! Did you think it'd be any different? 1

The overall experience was all kinds of awesome and I'll be seeing them again on October 13th just before Blissdom Canada starts, but I digress...

I thought I was going to get the Executive Sweet blo, but Ashley (the stylist) suggested the Red Carpet style instead, and I had to agree. The way Ashley talked about it, it sounded like a much more fun and fitting do anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #SCCTO was a Blast! Did you think it'd be any different? 2

Ashley was really fun to talk with as we commiserated over crappy weather that morning, significant others, and their birthdays (September 29th, aka that very day, happened to be my DH's bday, and what a surprise he got! lol)

Anyway, after a quick wash to prep my hair, the stylist did something magical, something that I had never ever seen done before.

She made the cowlick in my bangs disappear.

Like totally banished it to the ether of bad hair faux-pas.

My freakin' hero!

So in a matter of minutes (the whole appointment was roughly only 30 mins long) Ashley totally sold the idea of having someone else do my hair for important events, 'cause my hair has never looked that good after I've played with it. And you'd think 30 odd years of combing my hair would make me some sort of an expert of it, but apparently that's so not the case.

#SCCTO was a Blast! Did you think it'd be any different? 3For $35 a blo, having my hair done right for a change is completely worth it. And I'm lucky that some of those fab bloggers took a couple pics of me so that I can show off the awesome. The original from the cropped picture on the left was taken by Whispered Inspirations (thanks, Nancy!!)

Remember that crappy weather? Clouds decided to close ranks and *pour* water on our heads when it was time for me to leave blo and run to the subway to meet up with @bewilderedbug, @gingermommy, and @diduknowcanada. What luck.

Thankfully though, it didn't completely affect my kick ass hair style for that day! ๐Ÿ™‚

By day two I had a much more relaxed look from the remnants of the Red Carpet style. Though Ashley mentioned that some people can go FIVE days with their styling in tact.

I am so not one of those persons. My hair is pretty lazy.

But don't take my word for how awesome the experience is! With 18 locations across North America, you should go find out for yourself.

If you're in or around the GTA here are your options:


2901 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E6
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat: 416-792-5256

Blo Bloor West Village

2195 Bloor St West
Toronto, ON M6S 1N2
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat: 416.766.4400

Blo Four Seasons Toronto - Mini Bar

Four Seasons Hotel
21 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON M5R 2G1
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat, call: 416.920.2256

Blo King Street West

Suite 102, 626 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1M7
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat, call: 416.703.1256

Blo Oakville

107 Thomas Street
Oakville, ON L6J 3A7
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat, call: 905.845.2568

blo the path

Exchange Tower - 130 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5X 1E2
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat call 416.777.BLO9 (2569)

Blo Vaughan

Highland Farms Plaza
Unit B1, 3300 Rutherford Road
Concord, ON L4K 5Z2
[email protected]

To book a Blo or just chat, call: 905.832.4256

Blo Yonge Street

2594 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4P 2J4
[email protected]

To book a blo or just chat, call: 416.440.4256

To find the rest, check out their locations here.

I will have PART II up soon! But here's a teaser:

#SCCTO was a Blast! Did you think it'd be any different? 4@BewilderedBug, @GingerMommy, and @DidUKnowCanada testing out new Ford technology. XD

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