Wow! Here we are at the eve before #SCCTO!! YAY!

I’ve got my clothes from Addition Elle’s Michel Studio Collection all picked out.

My shoes are waiting at the door.

My ticket is printed.

HP Tablet, cell phone and camera are all charged and ready for action.

So now what?

Well, here’s my Agenda for tomorrow:

6:30 AM – The Alarm will ring, and I’ll hit the snooze button.

6:40 AM – Repeat.

6:50 AM – Repeat.

7:00 AM – Repeat.

7:10 AM – I’ll get up and prepare for the LONG day!

8:00 AM – Hop on the first bus.

8:30 AM – Stop off at Blo to get my hair all prettied up! 🙂 My hair has multiple personalities, and I’m depending on Blo to get all those difficult strands to work together for a change! *keeping fingers crossed*

| Geek Life: Augmenting Reality
*Illustration by: Brooke Hagel

If Carolyn at Blo (aka @ms_haircare) can make my hair look even half as fabulous as this rendering, it will be one less thing for me to worry about during the day! Playing with my #finikyhair is one of my tells. If I’m nervous about something, I always twirl a lock or play with my bangs, heh. Note to self: never play poker with anyone who reads this blog post.

Blo actually has seven styles to choose from in their Hair Menu, each with a catchy name such as “Executive Sweet” which is the blo above, or “High Society” which is “guaranteed to get you whatever you want.” I wish I had enough hair for that one! 😉

10:00 AM – Once I’m all finished at Blo, I’m off to Union station to meet up with @BewilderedBug, @gingermommy, and @diduknowcanada, all of whom I’ve only met online, but can’t wait to meet in person! 🙂

11:00 AM – Registration for Shes Connected Conference opens at this time, where I’ll meet a ton of more people that I only know from the world of Twitter. I can only imagine right now how much fun, pure energy and excitement is going to occur when you get 200 highly active social networkers into one room!

What will happen after 11:00 AM? Well here’s the agenda of what we’ll be doing for the next two days!

I will be tweeting and taking a BUNCH of pictures, so there will be lots to see at the end of the weekend.

I’d like to use the next bit of blog space to thank the sponsors of #SCCTO for making it possible for myself and the other women attending to be able to gather in this capacity. I really can’t wait to meet all these lovely people, and hear what they have to say. I look up to a lot of them already, so it will be nice to be able to put a twitter handle to a face while listening to their wisdom (instead of just reading it for a change.)

So Sponsors? THANK YOU!

Shes Connected Conference Sponsors