My man, the Hubs. *sniffs*  We’re apparently in the year of Candy and/or Iron, would you believe it?  Six years means he could hand me his clothes to dewrinklefy on an ironing board and it would be considered romantic. *facepalm*

Here’s a pic I dug out from our honeymoon. 😀  To this day, he’s still adorably ticked that I ran and got to the Captain’s chair before him.  He’s all Original Star Trek Captain Kirky and I’m all Voyager Captain Janeway, and the universal translator was obviously not working, ’cause we weren’t speaking the same language just before this pic…



We had the most fabulous time in Las Vegas back then, and I hope that we can get back there soon!  I think we gambled all of $7, and went to at least two shows a day!  It was so awesome to take a ride on a gondola, then hit up Cirque du Soleil one evening and then run and hide from the Borg followed by watching a different kind of magic by Penn and Teller the next.

Know how I know I’ve chosen the right guy?  We’re just about heading out to the movies to go watch some witch hunting with Hansel & Gretel!

This guy knows how to treat his geek right!