If you’re a Toronto Raptors fan, you may be familiar with sportscasters   Jack Armstrong and   Eric Smith. What you may not know is that they’re also infamous Christmas carolers that made a CD back in 2010 titled “From Brooklyn to Toronto – Jack  Armstrong and Eric Smith Sing the Holiday Classics”.  This album is as epic as the title is long, and now in 2014, its back for an encore!

If you have a sports fan that knows a great tune when they hear it, I encourage you to pick up a digital copy of “From Brooklyn to Toronto”, almost guaranteed to not already be part of your recipient(s)’ current music playlist.  Download the entire album, and turn it into a rocking stocking stuffer by loading it onto a USB key (perhaps one that your friend/family member already needed!)

“It’s so bad, it’s good.” – Anonymous review

All joking aside, Geek with Style is proud to once again host the digital download of “From Brooklyn to Toronto” and because of this, we had the excruciating pleasure of re-listening to the entire CD just last night (to ensure the mp3s were working properly.) This now-digital-only album is truly a work of art, and would be enjoyed by many, but especially those who follow Jack and Eric for all their NBA Toronto Raptors know-how.

For only $5, the digital album can be yours to enjoy or gift, and each and every penny goes to charity.

Check out all there is you need to know about “From Brooklyn to Toronto” on Geek with Style‘s download page, or if you’re ready: [purchase_link id=”5444″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”red”]