This Dress Needs to Be In My Closet Like Now

Aeryn Lynne

I want to look all beautiful and no where to go with this one…

Super Gorgeous Velvet Flocked Bustier dress at Addition Elle

Addition Elle's Velvet Flocked Bustier Dress

Srsly. I'm going all GAGA over the entire ensemble. I want to pierce my ears again just so I could let that shiny dangle down to my shoulders… and those heels.


Where did those shoes come from?? Not from Addition Elle, unless they finally started selling footwear…

That is all kinds of pretty.

I'm italicizing all over the place because of it!

I was also happy to see that Addition Elle finally brought in a convertible bra, but there's now only two sizes left!! A great demonstration of how curvy chicks have been longing for such a contraption.

Convertible Bra at Addition Elle

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Aeryn Lynne

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