Late in the eve for Day 4 of Geek with Style’s “Celebrate Spring” series, WOOT!  I ended up out of the house for most of the day (which is why this blog post is late in coming,) and I happened to notice that it felt maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday.  And while that’s not much of anything, I’ll still put it in the win column! 😉

Today we’re celebrating style that you can find at  This site is true to it’s name, it’s Just Fabulous. Originally an American site, that created a Canadian sister-store some time ago, JustFab is simply chock full of trendy pieces to wear at affordable prices.

This site has an interesting take on membership, which intrigues me.  Once you’ve made your first purchase (if you choose to go VIP), you have the option to join their monthly club.  They’ll send you a personalized email with some fab choices (that fit your particular style), and you have the option to pick up those handpicked items, shop around, or skip the month if you’re just not in the mood this time around.

Their styles match those you see in celeb mags, so your picks are always current.  And what fashion lover doesn’t want to remain current, right?

Reasons to Join JustFab VIP

Here’s the last page of the Style Quiz: (It’s like I’m giving you answers to a test…)

I am SO MUCH IN LOVE with the idea that JustFab sells some plus sizes.  Not all, unfortunately.  Personally, I’m just shy of fitting their biggest fit, but kudos for selling pants/jeans/shorts in sizes that fit larger bodies.

Some Plus Size Clothing Available on JustFab

This is in my shopping bag today:

In my shopping bag: JustFab

To celebrate the Easter weekend, you can purchase two pairs of footwear and receive $20 off your cart! There’s also a new member exclusive of 50% off your first purchased item, so there’s some truly fabulous deals to enjoy!

I recently picked up these, and can’t wait to show them off (in a future Celebrate Spring blog post, coming very soon!)

JustFab: Sola Ballet Flats

JustFab: Sola Ballet Flats

These ballet flats are so comfortable!  I’ve been wearing them around the house like a pair of slippers while its still too cold outside, lol.  And they’re all kinds of pretty to boot!  They just might be my current fave pair, which makes me excited to see what JustFab will have to offer next month!

JustFab: Fifth Avenue Handbag

JustFab: Fifth Avenue Handbag

This bag is precious.  I can’t remember the last time I had so much room inside the bag to fit all my daily must-bring-with-me-always stuff, the bag is truly deceptive, ’cause it doesn’t look as big is it really is.  I could fit my HP ENVY x2 Tablet and still have a ton of room for everything else!


See that Fifth Avenue handbag?  It’s SOLD OUT on JustFab, but I was able to secure one for one of you lucky readers!! If you want this bag, the only place you can get it now is HERE!  So enter to win and good luck! 😀

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