Woohoo!  Thanks guys for celebrating Spring with me!  I even saw the sun shining every once in a while yesterday, so that warmer weather is coming soon!!

Yesterday I had a blast showing where you can find the latest weekly fashion trends in Canada, and today, I’d like to dig into a great place to find honest-to-goodness, true plus-size wear.  This store was my first-love growing up, and I’m trying really hard to think on this, but I believe Reitmans is the only company that has true plus-size stand-alone stores that can be found all across Canada, in the form of Addition Elle and Penningtons.  (Don’t get me wrong, you can find plus-size wear at most Bay/Sears/Laura stores across the country as well, but they’re occasionally tiny, “Above Average” sections of these large stores.)

Between Penningtons and Addition Elle, my feet always walk me to AE.  I have a Penningtons that is tons closer to me than the closest Addition Elle, but AE fits better to my style choices, so there’s no question about going the distance to find my new wardrobe.

If you haven’t been to an Addition Elle lately, they now cater some fabulous jean brands that I could only wish I could wear even just a year ago, including: Levi’s, Parasuco, Angels, and DKNY Jeans (just to name a few), while still carrying my faves like L&L and MXM.

And the Spring 2013 Lookbook is gorgeous!  All I have to do is open to the first page to see a trench coat I wish I got my hands on! (I think they’re sold out on the Polka Dot Trench. *tears*)

Addition Elle Spring LookBook 2013
(click the image above to view this season’s trends)

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Jeanne Beker’s EDIT collection will finally be in stores come mid-April!  I kid you not, I will be first in line to pick up some of those gorgeous gems. *wants*

What really makes me happy though is that the Addition Elle brand is growing with us (erm… no pun intended.) The struggle to find fashionable clothes isn’t over, but at least we’ve got some fab stuff to look at while we continue to request our favourite designers to get on the plus-size bandwagon.  From what I can see, Addition Elle is actually a big proponent on getting brand names to step up their game and offer options for curvy women.  They’re pretty much the only ones to offer popular jean brands that aren’t just “widened” to fit a larger frame, but actually molded to fit a plus-size frame.

I love this article quote:

“At Addition Elle, we believe in a fashion democracy where every woman, no matter her size, has the right to fashionable clothing that flatters her shape,” explains Roslyn Griner, Vice President of Marketing and Visual Display at Addition Elle. “Denim is a casual clothing staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe and we are thrilled to introduce Canada’s premiere collection of leading and fashion designer jean labels with the latest trends adapted to fit and flatter her curves. After all, every woman needs a good pair of jeans,” she concludes. (ADDITION ELLE PROCLAIMS AN ALL-OUT FASHION DEMOCRACY – June 19, 2012.)

So here’s what you’ll find in my shopping bag (I will hunt that trench coat down, lol!):

In my shopping bag: Addition Elle

Do you still need something peplum for your Spring closet? It’s the HOTTEST style right now, and I just picked up a gorgeous one (below) for $10 on sale at Addition Elle! After tax and FREE shipping, it came out to $11 and change! How awesome!?

addition elle peplum


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