Tassimo Recalls Brewers and T Discs

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Tassimo Recalls Brewers and T Discs 1The Tassimo safety recall is so huge, it has it's own website! About 835,000 brewer units in the United States and an additional 900,000 in Canada (Canadians like their coffee, lol) were recalled earlier this week. So if you're like me, with a lovely single-cup coffee maker sitting in your kitchen, you should definitely check to see if your brewer has an issue.

Tassimo Recalls Brewers and T Discs 2

Though, again like me, if you have a Braun labelled Tassimo, you're okay. If you own a Bosch on the other hand, you definitely need to check your product label for this information:

Tassimo Recalls Brewers and T Discs 3

Then do the following:
1. Locate the data tag, which can be found on the bottom of your brewer.
2. Note the Model # beginning with ‘TAS’.
3. Note the FD Date Code beginning with an “8 or 9”.
4. Go to this site and enter the information in the fields to the right and click Submit.

Tassimo Recalls Brewers and T Discs 4

Some T Discs also came into question, and this would affect ANY user, regardless if you own a Braun or a Bosch. The information you need can be found both on the bag and the individual disc packaging, so go find your stash and check the following:

Tassimo Recalls Brewers and T Discs 5

1. For each package or partial package/loose T DISC, check the images by clicking here to determine whether your T DISCs are affected.
2. Locate the Code Information # on the foil lid of the T DISC or on a side panel of the package beginning with the letter 'J'.
3. Go to this site and select your affected T DISC flavor from the drop-down menu below.
4. Input the 7 digits after ‘J’ in the ‘Code Information’ field.
5. Select the quantity of affected T DISC packages with the same Code Information.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each additional affected T DISC package you have.
7. Click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page.

This is what Tassimo had to say:

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada, BSH Home Appliances Corporation (BSH) and Kraft Foods are voluntarily announcing two recalls related to the Tassimo Home Brewing System.

We have received some consumer reports that during the brewing process, T DISCs can burst and spray hot water and/or coffee grounds or tea leaves onto consumers using the brewer and onto bystanders, posing a potential burn hazard. Kraft and BSH have identified the causes of this issue and are taking actions on the Tassimo brewers by Bosch and certain Espresso Drink T DISCs to help prevent it from happening in the future.

Remember receiving a free box of Gevalia T Discs as part of a Facebook promotion?? If you've yet to finish consuming that box, go check the serial.

On a side note, I called Tassimo yesterday for an entirely different reason. I had lent my Tass to my sister a while back and she threw out the cleaning disc, thinking it was an empty T Disc! *facepalm* So I went online to Tassimo.ca to look for a replacement, but couldn't find one. I then called, only to find out that they no longer service my particular brewer. That machine is only five years old! What ever happened to those Lifetime guarantees our parents would get whenever they purchased an appliance? The good news is, I found a company online that had the part I needed and spent a whopping $12 to have one delivered.

I wonder how long a brewer sits on a shelf before it becomes obsolete these days...

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