I don’t know about you, but I have this love/hate relationship with air. I mean, I love breathing. I’m a bit addicted to it actually. But, there are many instances throughout my day where it becomes a hassle. Being highly sensitive to certain smells, and general health complications make it so that I’m constantly aware of what I’m inhaling through my nose. That’s why I was super excited to be asked to review a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier. I would love the chance to breathe easier, even if only while I’m at home.

A Day in Life With My Nose

Hypersensitivity to certain smells/scents is a thing I deal with daily.  With a family of five baby skunks stalking my neighbourhood this year, and a neighbour who likes to smoke throughout the day in the back of our shared driveway (my bedroom window is on the 2nd floor, and yes smoke travels that far.) There are moments where our indoor air is decidedly less fresh, thanks to outdoor influences.

But then, there are also deterrents directly in my house too. If the house’s central air is on, because it’s too humid outside to breathe, the air tends to feel stale; scented deodorants become a nuisance; and boy, does my mother-in-law love to cook with a massive array of spices; some of which manage to make me sneeze, even when I’m floors away.

Here’s a quick tip if you travel through Toronto’s TTC subway. Blow your nose once you’re out. Seriously, you’ll first think “Ewwww, gross, what the heck did I just breathe in??” and then you’ll thank me once the shock wears off.

Automatically purifies to remove 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. ~ Dyson

I can’t tell you why I have breathing issues (my nasal cavity clogs up as if I have an allergy or a cold, but nope, not it,) but I can tell you it gets bad enough that I choke on air sometimes. We’re working on it…

So, while I don’t have asthma, I do happen to feel better knowing that this purifier has been certified by Canada’s Allergy Standards Limited, in partnership with the Asthma Society of Canada.

Asthma and Allergy Friendly Canada

Up Close & Personal with Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier

This baby will sit anywhere. The pads at the bottom are slip resistant, so you won’t have to worry about pushy two-year-olds (looking at you, nephew Henry,) pushing your purifier off a table.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier FRONT

Key Features of the Dyson Pure

  • 360˚ Glass HEPA filter: captures 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen and allergens, bacteria, dust and mould spores,pet dander and potentially harmful ultrafine particles, trapping them in the filter and eliminating them from the air you breathe.
  • Purifies, heats and cools you: fast even room heating in winter, powerful personal cooling in summer and intelligent purification all year round.
  • Intelligently and automatically monitors, reacts and purifies: automatically maintains the air quality in your home and reports live indoor and outdoor air quality metrics to the Dyson Link App on your smartphone.
  • Captures smells: an activated carbon layer in the filter captures odours and potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like paint fumes.

This bit of magic is quite possibly my fave. Sure the 360° glass HEPA filter is amazing, but I love how the bladeless air multiplier technology quietly does its thing, distributing fresh air all over a room. Don’t have to hesitate in taking a deep breath, with this purifier working!

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Multiplier Technology

Rather not pick up your smartphone right now? Dyson’s Air Purifier comes with a physical remote with all the settings you need. My favourite setting is cool air on level 6, oscillating, and diffused (wider air dispersal, the other choice is focused.)

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Remote

Smartphone Remote

When checking out your Dyson App, you’ll first discover the kind of indoor air quality your room is currently dealing with, compared to outdoor air quality.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Daily Results

With Dyson’s air quality sensor working at all times, you can choose for the purifier to run automatically when the air quality is not optimal at all, or choose to turn on your purifier if you feel it’s time to freshen the air in your chosen room, even if you’re on the other side of world!

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Filter Quality


Here’s what my favourite settings for the purifier look like on the smartphone. What doesn’t show here is the Timer (to turn the purifier off at 15-minute intervals if desired,) and the Night Mode, which turns off the dash lights on the purifier and sets the circulation level to 4 for sound-reduction, if you find the normal/daily settings distracting.

Dyson Pure HotCool Link Air Purifier Fave Settings | Geek Life: Augmenting Reality


If you want to keep the purifier on a strict schedule? The app will do that too.

Dyson Pure HotCool Link Air Purifier Schedule | Geek Life: Augmenting Reality


It tilts. Which is gives you ample choice of where to place the fan, and where to direct the fresh air.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Tilts

The HEPA filter casing is so simple to remove. Just press the two buttons on either side of the purifier and pull the metal framing up.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier HEPA Filter

Having to remember when to change the filter is a thing of the past too! I have enough devices at home where I need to keep a reminder of when a cartridge of some sort needs to be replaced. Luckily, Dyson does that work for me, and keeps me in the know of how much life my current filter still has.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Filter Life

Excuse the mess, but check out how well the HEPA filter works (this is from less than a month of usage). And for a very limited time, you can get a second filter for free ($99 value) with a purchase of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier on/before July 28, 2017, woot!

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Filter

If you’re looking to pick up a purifier now, review this Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier like a boss, and then be sure to buy yours before July 28th, so that you can take adavantage of the free filter offer!

Are you looking for an air purifier? Do you have one at home now?  Share your thoughts below!



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dyson Canada in a partnership with Geek with Style to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make better informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.


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