Why You Should Have Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Your Movie Library

Have you picked up your Blu-ray/4K DVD of Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet? Thanks to Disney Studios Canada, I was given a copy to review, and this is what I learned.   Here are a few reasons why you should have this episode in your movie library. Carrie Fisher – may the force be […]

The Orville: Don’t Get Your Starfleet Issued Knickers in a Twist

There are two words that pop into my head whenever I think of Seth MacFarlane’s current space dramedy, The Orville. Ridiculously. Frustrating. It’s not Star Trek, but it is. It’s like The Orville is a Star Trek fan production that managed to sneak its way onto prime-time television. And with MacFarlane at the helm, you would […]

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy DVDs Your Geeks Want for Christmas

Movies are hands down, the easiest gift to buy when you’re in need of a quick, affordable present. Geeks and science fiction/fantasy movies go hand in hand. We eat the latest of cinematic effects technology up with a spoon. Star Wars Rogue One doesn’t release in theatres until this December, but you’ve probably been hearing […]