The Best Smartphone Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Your smartphone is your life, right? If you yelled out “Ya know it!” enthusiastically, your smartphone needs to be souped up with incredible accessories to get the best out of life, and eliminate that pesky FOMO. You probably know all there is on smart watches, portable chargers, and Bluetooth headphones, but there is so much […]

LG G5: The Best Tips and Tricks for Your Smartphone

A few days ago, I walked out of a Rogers store with a new LG G5 smartphone, built with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, in hand. Dude, is there ever a rush when you have a new smartphone to play with! It’s my new buddy, my assistant, an extension of my free will, all within reach 24/7. […]

All the Fun and Food to be Had in Niagara Falls

I love going to Niagara Falls. Since its not that far from Toronto, I’ve been lucky to enjoy at least a weekend stay in the tourist town usually once a year. Every time Jay and I visit, we wind up with a couple long lasting memories to look back on fondly, and our trip earlier this month […]