How Many Air Miles Points Have You Lost Without Their Toolbar?

I’m banging my head against my desk this morning.  I received an email from Air Miles earlier today that they want to welcome me back to shopping online with them by giving me a bonus of 20 points on my next online purchase by September.  The thing is, I could have earned Air Miles points […]

It’s World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto

It’s World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto! Running from March 18th to the 22nd, Toronto is the city to be at to admire Fall 2013 fashion on the runways and Spring 2013 trends on the streets! Now if only the weather would cooperate! :/ “But Aeryn, you’re a plus-sized fashion lover…”   Oh, I know. […]

Gimme that Handbag: Coach vs Beyond The Rack

I want to start this discussion by stating that I do purchase from both sites. Despite my thoughts on this one topic, I do enjoy shopping at Beyond the Rack (BTR) for various items, such as clothing, shoes and jewellery.  There is one area of BTR though that boggles my mind so thoroughly, that I’m […]

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