Two issues into a series based in Marvel’s Secret Wars: Battle World, and I’m entirely enjoying the story. I’m still attempting to understand the whole Battle World premise itself. If you’ve been following along in the world of Marvel Comics, what we knew of “our” earth Earth-616 and Earth-1610 couldn’t save the whole multiverse from imploding on itself, and we’re now left with one world that is a stitched up patchwork of all of these mostly destroyed earths that made up the multiverse. The Marvel multiverse is based on multiverse string-theory, the idea that there are parallel universes at play, all distinct, with a high probability that each universe is radically different. In Armor Wars, we’re treated to a universe where Tony Stark (Iron Man) rules all, and everyone, for the sake of their health against an unknown contagion, has to wear an iron suit at all times.

So everyone is Iron Man; how cool would that be?

One thing I don’t get about Battle World (so far,) is that I’m not sure if these one-world inhabitants know that they all make up one Earth now. The Armor Wars story is based in what looks like a chunk of New York, but can its citizens see beyond their border? There is a sickness inflicted upon all citizens of Technopolis (which is why everyone must wear a suit,) but will this affect neighbouring bits of other Earths?

Despite these unknowns, I’m really enjoying this What-If, which is essentially what these various battle worlds are.

Reasons to Read Armor Wars

  • Technopolis: Ever wanted to see a world seemingly without vegetation? This is it.
  • Iron Suits: Everyone has one, including fellow superheroes. Seeing these heroes in their own iron suit, with elements of their trademark style is pretty awesome. Despite the Iron Man theme, every suit looks different/personal.
  • Mystery: I love a good detective story, and this has quite a bit of suspense and intrigue to keep me interested in each new comic (if the first two are anything to go by.)
  • Great Characterization: even with a strong robotic theme, primarily due to the suits, there are still strong emotions happening. There isn’t a moment where you could possibly forget that there is still a human heart beating beneath each suit.
  • Rhodey: I’ll admit, I’m not usually the biggest fan of Tony Stark’s BFF. While the origin story of James (Jim) Rhodes, does sound like a great read. The recent comics that I’ve read, with War Machine/Iron Patriot as part of the assemble, has been somewhat of a yawn for me. This comic though? He has a heck of a lot of dimension, and I really want to know his backstory. It’s a good thing he’s one of the main characters, ’cause he’s interesting.

Well… that’s it for my first comic review! I’m still working out the bugs, but hope to make comic reviews a common thing (though I may wait until each series is over before writing a review *shrugs*; time will tell!)

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