Hey, Canada! Have you seen a single advert today not celebrating our upcoming 150th birthday bash? The excitement for Canada’s anniversary for confederation keeps upping a notch every day we get closer to July 1st!  If you plan to make this year’s celebration as memorable as possible, here are a few accessories to keep you in the game.

imPRESS Your Friends with Your Love for Canada

This year there are some fantastic beauty/makeup accessories to show off your Canadiana. Check out these fantastic press-on nails, false lashes, and temporary tattoos that will keep you rocking all day.  They’re all available at your local Walmart.

imPRESS gel press-on nails are my absolute favourite. They’re so easy to apply, and will last up to a week if desired. Their designs are always gorgeous, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard “Oh! I love your nails!” while wearing these ones.

imPRESS Canada Press On Nails - Canada 150 Birthday Celebration


I do love these designs too. I think it really depends on your comfort-level of long nails, and how long you’re wanting them to last. These nails under the KISS brand will stick around for about two weeks. Truly love how stylish the ones with “CANADA” written across the nail are!

KISS Canada Press On Nails - Canada 150 Birthday Celebration


YES! You can totes show your love of Canada with every blink of an eye.

KISS Faux Lashes - Canada 150 Birthday Celebration

What is Canada Day without an ample amount of temporary tattoos all over your bod? Be sure you also use ample sunscreen too, unless you enjoy curious looking designs to enhance your Canada Day weekend sunburn!

The massive sheet of tats from KISS is all kinds of gorgeous, and carries enough to distribute amongst your family for group style.

KISS Body Tattoos - Canada 150 Birthday

While you’re at Walmart to pick up all imPRESS and KISS Canada-themed accessories, check out their Canada day tees!  Sure, if your budget & body can fit one of Roots fabulous “nice.” t-shirts, go for it. But for those of us that can’t, Walmart has some truly comfortable tees under $10 that share your love of Canada beautifully.

What’s a Geek Without a Collection?

Visit the Mint’s website today to order up to 3 “My Canada, My Inspiration” coin collection books for free! All you have to do is pay $2.50 for shipping and handling. Once you have these boards in hand, bring the family over to your local bank and ask the teller if they have any of the recently minted 2017 coins.

2017 Canada Coin Collection - Canada 150 Birthday Celebration

Kit and I call it “coin hunting”, which he’s been enjoying immensely. It’s like Pokemon hunting, except for real items that will always have some historical significance. You’ll need $5.65 to complete an entire coin exchange (not including the $2.50 for required for shipping the coin collecting book to you.)

Party Like It’s 1867

I was going to create a list for you of free places to party throughout Canada, but luckily Red Flag Deals has created that list already. Check out their site for all the fun to be had on July 1st!

For Toronto, much of Canada Day partying can be found at these locations:

What are your plans to celebrate Canada Day on its 150th year?  There will be so much red & white, can you handle it??


Disclaimer: I’ve received some of the items mentioned above for review purposes. All opinions are my own.