Depending on where you enjoy Teriyaki Experience, you might have noticed that they’ve recently rolled out a new menu at select locations. This new menu is kinda epic, and will have this girl keep coming back for more. To top it all off, this new menu just might help you win A Free Meal Every Week for a Year!

Both Jay and I have enjoyed Teriyaki Experience thoroughly for some time now. We even have a location within walking distance from our home. Perhaps due to less options before, he always had the chicken teriyaki, and I’d have the beef. It was our thing.

As part of a 30 year anniversary celebration though, Teriyaki Experience rolled out with a 2.0 kind of menu, with so much more to choose from.

Teriyaki Experience's New Look
Teriyaki Experience’s New Look

I’m not ashamed to say that I was working on a plan to pig out on all that was on offer, because I wanted to try every delicious dish, right away.

This foodie is a big fan of noodle soup bowls, fresh, daily made sushi, and bento boxes! Bento boxes are full of win! I’ve totally perfected my chopstick wielding skills with bento boxes, yo.

With this picture below, I may or may not “practice” exactly what I want to order the next time I hit up Teriyaki Experience. Okay, I totally do. How does Beef, with Rice Noodles in a Vegetable broth sound? Especially when it’s topped off with curly carrots, nori, and green onion! Mmmm….

Not your thing? That’s okay, ’cause there are 120 different ways you could make up your own Noodle Soup Bowl, yum!

Teriyaki Experience - Build Your Own Noodle Soup Bowl
Build Your Own Noodle Soup Bowl

Jay, the voice of reason, said we’ll just have to come back more often…. There is a reason why I married that man! *sniff*

Teriyaki Experience Sushi and Treats
An Abundance of Sushi and Treats Now Available

I may have squealed just a bit when I saw that a Bento Box was now on the menu. It caters to my try-it-all, and pig out like you wouldn’t believe mentality, with portions that keep me in check. So yeah, I might have a slight obsession with them.

For $12, you get an incredible portion of protein (choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu or salmon), and then a fair amount of rice, veggies, tiki shrimp, California sushi and salad. All kinds of win in one box!

Teriyaki Experience - Amazing Bento Box
A Truly Delicious Bento Box, with a heaping portion of protein, $12

First words from Jay after he opened his Sandwicchio wrapper, “Whoa!” The golden, crisp bun, with a fluffy centre was just the right size, and the amount of chicken found in between was certainly plentiful. Pairing that with a whole box of edamame, led to Jay’s eyes bugging out at how much deliciousness he wound up with for an $8 meal.

Teriyaki Experience - New Sandwicchio
Teriyaki Experience’s New Sandwicchio & Edamame combo, $8
Teriyaki Experience's Big Box of Edamame
Teriyaki Experience’s Big Box of Edamame

Currently Updated Teriyaki Experience Locations

Here is a local list of Teriyaki Experience locations that have the fabulous new fare to enjoy. I’ll do my best to update this list as more restaurants have been upgraded.


Enter to Win

One Meal a Week for a Whole Year!

Okay so you’re easily going to want to try the new signature dishes, the selections of fresh, daily-made sushi rolls, and the dessert. Don’t forget to try the Japanese Cheesecake, it’s the kind of light and fluffy that you wouldn’t get with a New York style. And then come back for a Noodle Soup Bowl and/or a Bento Box.

Are you hungry yet??

Teriyaki Experience's Fluffiest Japanese Style Cheesecake
Teriyaki Experience’s Fluffiest Japanese Style Cheesecake

Why not try all the menu items now on offer for free?? That sounds amazing right?

You now have a chance to enter to win a free meal a week, for a whole year ($800 value by gift card,) with Teriyaki Experience! Fill out their quick entry form (1 ballot entry per person, unlimited social entries) and then cross your fingers for a truly epic surprise on Wednesday, December 5th!




Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Teriyaki Experience in a partnership with Geek with Style to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make better informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.