Quite the claim to know how to get rid of yucky, flaky dandruff altogether now, isn’t it? It’s a disastrous thing, and it’s only ’cause I heart you all that I’m going to finally come out and say, I used to have epically bad dandruff issues. Like, I would cringe looking at a black shirt, type of bad, which sucks, ’cause I rock in black. It wasn’t just an “Ew, what’s that snow on your back, it’s summer for crying out loud,” bad, it was, “My head is driving me nuts with how itchy it is, OW,” kind of bad. It was so bad, I avoided going to the hair dresser as much as possible, because I was embarrassed at what my head and hair would leave behind on his tools. I used every single dandruff-curing shampoo on the market, even the expensive dark-blue stuff that sits in the pharmacy section, instead of hanging out with the rest of the hair care liquids, gels and foams. Jay was my wingman and mastered the art of casually swiping away flakes from the back of my shirt whenever we went out on the town.  For the past six months or so now though, I haven’t had an issue with dandruff. The secret I’m about to share with you, I can’t say its for everyone, ’cause hey look we’re all different, but if I can help even just one of you to escape the snow zone, it’ll make me happy enough to shout out a YAY from the rooftops.

So here it is….

The Secret to Getting Rid of Dandruff

The secret to stop flaking the moment you brush your fingers through your hair; to have a head that doesn’t need to be constantly scratched; to be able to wear any coloured shirt without worry. The trick that has changed everything for me….

I’ve stopped using dandruff regulating shampoo and conditioner.

Is your mind blown?

I’ve stopped using the blue and white stuffs, and in the past six months I’ve never EVER thought of those bottles and think, “Maybe I should go back.” I actually look at those bottles now with absolute hate in my eyes, because they’ve caused me so much pain and despair for decades.

There’s actually a little more to this trick, but not much. Use shampoos and conditioners that are silicone, sulfate and paraben free.

This is where being a blogger has changed my life. I went to an event six months ago, and was gifted some really sweet looking bottles of hair care products. I had just finished my last bottle of blue and out of sheer laziness, of not wanting to go to the store to pick up a new bottle, and a bit of bleak desperateness since I was tired of the blue not actually working as it should, I decided to give this rather popular salon brand a try.

And suddenly, a new religion was born.

I really wish I could, but I can’t say that the results were immediate, because I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t thinking of finding the miracle cure to flake-free hair, so I didn’t do the kind of research that I like doing before I ever add anything to my blog.  It might have been an instant turn around, but I have a feeling it was more of a gradual thing. I might have had to use the shampoo/conditioner a few times before I was well and truly flake free.

What I can tell you right now though, is that I haven’t swiped my shoulders for “dust” at all in 2016.

Want some helpful hints of which shampoos and conditioners to try yourself?  Here are three shampoo and conditioner combos that have worked beautifully for me so far.

  1. Hair Recipes

    You might have not heard of this one yet, as its fairly brand new to the market. I love the tagline for this product though, “Gentle Daily Formulas to Compliment Your Home Made Hair Care Recipes”.  This new brand is designed by beauty industry veteran Anthony Donato Masciangelo, whom in the past 30 years worked for brands like Max Factor Cosmetics, Faberge International and also introduced Vidal Sassoon to North America.Hair Recipes Shampoo Collection: Paraben and Sulfate FreeAll of Masciangelo’s shampoos are sulfate and paraben free. The Egg & Cognac conditioner is only paraben free, but has worked beautifully for me anyway.  The scent is truly yummy, and I once read that you should actually look for shampoos that contain egg to get a natural shine. That stuck with me ’cause I could never find a brand that had egg on the label, and would giggle at the thought. Well, the yolk is on me now. (Oooh, #SorryNotSorry for that bad pun. Okay, maybe a bit sorry.)  Hair Recipes is only available online, but right now you can get a Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment-Oil all for $28.71 (free shipping, and free treatment oil for a limited time!)  If you’re really nervous of switching away from your dandruff brand (and you shouldn’t be, because I bet its not really working for you now anyway,) choose the Jojoba Treatment Oil for your free product, as its made for Extremely Dry Hair & Scalp.

  2. Herbal Essences Naked

    I was always jealous of those who could use the Herbal Essences line while in high school. I loved the scents from these bottles, but I was lead to believe I was firmly stuck with the blue. HE now has a Naked line, that I first learned about from Tales of a Ranting Ginger, which are free of dyes, parabens and even silicone in some. I’ve used a combination of all four of these for a few months and absolutely loved it. White grapefruit and mint is a truly delicious scent.Herbal Essences Naked Shampoo and Conditioner

  3. Oribe Gold Lust

    THIS is the shampoo and conditioner that started it all for me. The best benefit listed, that I had researched for this post, and had no idea of at the time I tried it out, is: “Dermatologist tested. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride. Color and keratin treatment safe. UV protection for hair. Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.”Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and ConditionerThis scent is nice, though I couldn’t tell you what it smells like. Even though I’ve jumped to other shampoos and conditioners (I’m an adventurer at heart, and love to try new things all the time,) I still use Oribe’s Texture Spray as a dry shampoo on those days that I need a little extra boost before my next hair wash.

So… Have I convinced you to drop the blue?

Disclaimer: While I was given bottles of both Oribe and Hair Recipes, all opinions in this article are my own.