Did someone say, “Coffee break?” Next time you hear those magic words, head to your McCafé for a sweet treat! I attended the McCafé launch party this morning, and found out that there is a whole new set of coffees now available at all McCafés across Canada, including truly delicious lattes and cappucinos.

Here’s one of the main reasons why I’m geeking all over about these new McCafé drinks. Their swiss-made coffee machine is something I’ll forever covet.

Fresh beans grind from the top, and is mixed/frothed/foamed with your choice of milk (if you wish,) all in one auto-self-cleaning machine! This baby does it all, so that McCafé employees won’t need to.

Did someone say, "Coffee break?" Say hello to Franke at McCafé.
Say hello to Franke at McCafé.

Thanks to this coffee maker’s innovation, every cup is made much the same way as these coffees would have been traditionally crafted by hand.

Take a Coffee Break at McCafé

The first cup I tried was a Latte. It had a nice creamy taste, with a beautiful froth. I’ve always believed sugar went hand in hand with a latte, but totally not needed with this cup, yum!

The Espresso. WOW. I’m trying to think, and don’t believe I’ve ever tried one before, so I can’t compare, except WOW. Instant caffeine hit with the first sip! I can understand why people enjoy these super strong coffees. I may have been afraid to finish the cup, lest I wanted to level up to Roadrunner status.

Espresso-self at McCafé by leveling up your caffeine intake.
Espresso-self at McCafé by leveling up your caffeine intake.

The Cappuccino, though. This amazing, light, milk-foam wonder. Truly a perfect cup. I usually go for a vanilla flavoured cappuccino (which I believe is available as a option,) but this was tasty as is! I can’t wait to see how all kinds of YUM this will taste with vanilla added to it… I’m very picky with my cappuccinos.  They got me through highschool and university, so I’m eager to find out how they measure with McCafé!


Did you know that there are Croissants (recipe direct from France,) and Danishes available at all McCafés? I missed this all important tidbit. Want to try a delish strawberry-cheese danish? Get in line, ’cause they’re mine. ALL mine!


When is the last time you hit up a McCafé? If your answer wasn’t, “5 minutes ago,” you’re less than right and need to fix this asap! Otherwise, we’re cool.


Disclaimer: This post was compensated, all opinions are my own.