I'm supposed to be living the gluten free lifestyle the same way that the Pope is supposed to be Catholic.

But I'm not. And I totally pay for it. You see, I know what gluten filled foods taste like. My parents thought, for whatever reason, that I had out-grew the Celiac's Disease diagnosis the same way I out-grew my dairy intolerance, and had thus started feeding me gluten by age 7. I do remember feeling ecstatic that I could now eat “adult” foods, 'cause #OMG they were just so yummy, but I don't remember much about what my parents fed me before then… except for the nasty Kingsmills gluten free bread that was only available at Toronto Sick Kids hospital at the time, and orange cubes of Turnip (but telling me it was cheddar cheese,) 'cause for some reason I was determined to have cubed cheese like all my friends did.

Turns out I was mis-diagnosed about having Celiac's Disease, but I still have a high intolerance to gluten, which I'm frequently reminded of whenever I eat a burger or drink a Timmies ice capp. They both taste delicious, but the furnace-feeling hot sweats and the major cramps I get within a 15 minute window after consuming are so not cool.

It sucks.

Here's a tidbit from one of my all-time favourite comedians, John Pinette about how living the gluten free lifestyle can generally all around suck…

So when I got an email asking if I'd like to spread the word that a number of Lay's potato chips are in fact gluten free in exchange for a basket full of chips, I said, “Heck yes!” And not only are they gluten free, but they still have that exact same awesome taste that I know and love.

Finally there's something that I can eat that is 100% normal (ie. not modified to “taste like normal”.)

The funny thing for me is that there isn't a big honkin' sign on the side of the bag to say it's gluten free. You wouldn't find this awesome gem out unless you looked at the bottom of the ingredients. See?

ingredients sm | Geek Life: Augmenting Reality

So please take heed, or if you know someone who is intolerant to gluten, do them the favour by letting them know! In my late twenties I went completely gluten free, but alas for reasons only known to me, I fell off the bandwagon. I remembering ordering “chips” online for something like… $7 after shipping and handling, because I had a craving, not knowing that I could just grab a bag of Lays off the shelf down the street.

And that $7 bag was disgusting. *pouts*

So which Lay's flavours are gluten free? Look below! 🙂 Also, you can see the full list of awesomely gluten free, fantastically flavoured chips here too: www.lays.ca

* PSST! This post was compensated, but all words, thoughts, feelings and pictures are my own!