Hey friends! So I did something rash-ish recently… I needed a change in my life, which usually means I either wind up with a wild looking haircut, a bold dye job, or both.

This time, I went with colouring which, 9 times out of ten, usually works in my favour. I love experimenting, and there are some really cool out-of-box colouring systems available on the shelves these days. I’ve been wanting to try an ombre style for-like-ever, and wound up picking up an off the shelf version on one of my last trips to the mall. I know, seriously, I should be going to a professional to get this kind of work done on my hair, but the one and only time I had colouring done professionally *cough* 15 years ago *cough*, my hair was a disaster. I don’t do blonde highlights very well at all. I knew this before walking into that salon, and was quite adamant when I had asked for light brown highlights. So yeah, I guess I was a bit traumatized when I walked out of there with platinum blonde strands and tears in my eyes, it was not a pretty sight on any front.

So yeah, I had this nagging goal to in my head to go with a red ombre style, and fell in love the colour on the box. Except… I didn’t read the tin. I was looking at this gorgeous black mane on the front of the box, with bright red highlight the bottom quarter and thought, “I want that.” So I brought the box home, not realising that the black hair is something I was already supposed to have. I was a bit desperate, standing in my bathroom with the box finally opened and only seeing half the dye I expected, and thought, “The red will probably still look good.”

TheSis and I went to lunch at Wendy’s a couple days ago, mainly to try the fresh new salads available there, but also to catch up on life and she didn’t say a word about my hair fiasco. Should I have thanked her? I brought it up though, because apparently I like to be mocked, and she said she couldn’t see any change to my hair, which is part of the problem. It’s like my hair has three different looks now; sorta ombrish, not really ombrish, and then this weird half-way point that makes my normal hair colour look kinda greenish and weird, and this all depends on what lighting I’m standing under.

Hmph. At least lunch was good though!

Back in my college years, I had this major addiction to Wendy’s Taco salad, and had heard that they recently upgraded it to Taco Supremo Salad, whereas my sister has this thing about trying out Asian Cashew Chicken Salads, so we did the obvious and went to test out these babies the moment our next lunch date came up. These salads are 50% lower in fat grams, 29% lower in sodium, and 61% lower in saturated fat, compared to the ones we were addicted to before, so our curiosity peaked on whether our favourite dishes were still good.

I’m kinda shocked that I can say that these 2.0 salads taste so much better than before, and they were already delicious before! Wendy’s really mixes up the greens for great texture and variety, and our respective, diced right in the store, toppings were simply yummy. If you have a craving for BBQ ranch or cashew chicken, or if tacos are your thing, go out to Wendy’s for lunch today, seriously. The fact that the ingredients are diced, chopped, freshly grilled and stewed right in the restaurant every morning is what makes these salads stand out from the rest.

You want proof? Check out the yummy!

Taco Supremo

Wendy's Taco Supremo

Full of fresh and tasty ingredients like diced tomatoes, tangy salsa, rich meaty chili, shredded cheddar cheese, crunchy taco chips, and sour cream served on a crisp bed of fresh lettuce!

Asian Cashew Chicken Salad

Wendy's Asian Cashew Chicken

100% premium all-white chicken breast, grilled in store; using on trend ingredients such as fire roasted edamame, fresh red peppers and cucumbers, a lettuce blend of 11 different kind of greens and a light Asian Chili Vinaigrette dressing.

I have it on good authority that if you’re not into the spicy Asian Chili Vinaigrette dressing, Wendy’s sweet Simply Dressed pomegranate dressing tastes delicious on this salad too!

We both went for the full-sized salads, but they also come in half-sizes as well… I’m actually curious on what the half-sized Taco Supremo looks like!

Want to talk about girlfriends? Wendy’s and salads have been besties for over 30 years! I didn’t realise salads were that old! 😉 Not that I thought too hard on it, but I always figured having a salad/fresh vegetable option was a new-ish, trendy thing to be had at quick-service establishments (and by new-ish, I mean maybe a decade old now, heh,) but apparently Wendy’s has been on the ball for fresh, healthier food options for quite some time.

Wendy's Girlfriends Eating Salads

Have you checked out Wendy’s Youtube Channel? They have a slew of videos of girlfriends going out to lunch and simply enjoying themselves and gossiping while enjoying the new salads. It was almost like this video below redeemed my belief that considerably younger sisters are a bit cray-cray… I mean, I love TheSis (enough to have lunch with her frequently, LOL,) but those age gaps (8 years between the two of us,) really do make a difference growing up.

I’m intrigued by all the different girlfriend commercials Wendy’s has on YouTube! There are even talks about men in yoga pants, and craziest gifts people thought you’d love; they’re cute, so go check them out.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there is a salad spinner in every Wendy’s kitchen? They wash and hand-chop heads of romaine and iceberg lettuce every day and mix it with a triple-washed leafy spring mix, made with 9 different greens! They’re serious about salad.

You know, I have a salad spinner in my pantry. Still in its box. It’s been there for at least two years…. Maybe I should finally break it out, hmmm.

Have you had a chance to try out one of Wendy’s new salads yet? Keep an eye out for a $1 off coupon at your Wendy’s!

This post was graciously sponsored by Wendy’s, all opinions are mine alone.