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I have some fab friends in the blogging world. They LOVE to give, and I love to share back with them as much as I can. This post is dedicated to one friend in particular. You probably already know her, as she's quite active online, and that's one of the many reasons I'm thankful to know her! 🙂

GingerMommy is such an apt name. Her hair is certainly red, and she can be one fiery individual, AND she is such a mommy. To a lot of us. She dedicates a LOT of time each and every day to help us out when we need it, without ever asking for anything in return. *hearts her*

I met her personally at last year's ShesConnected Conference. I was completely new to this particular sphere of blogging, but I felt like I was immediately “part of the gang”, thanks to her, @DidUKnowCanada, and @BewilderedBug. They turned what could have been an easily awkward situation, into something welcoming, and I'll forever be thankful for that.

Since then, I've been interacting with these fabulous gals and meeting a lot more awesome bloggers online. And there are countless times where I've typed and uttered the words, “Thank you, Gingermommy!” 'Cause if I ever had a question, or if I was ever stuck with an issue, or if I needed a lead to join a particular blog project, she was more often than not the person who had the answers.

There's not much more else that I can say other than, Thank You GingerMommy for being the fabulous person you are everyday!! 😀

So a group of particularly thankful gals are dedicating the $120 USD PayPal contest to our red-headed friend.

You can find her, and follow her, here:
Tales of a Ranting Ginger – //
Twitter –!/Gingermommy
Facebook –

And you can enter this quick giveaway here! (NB ~ Please refresh the page if the Rafflecopter widget doesn't show up right away…)

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