Now this is something you'll never see on Cake Boss.

You recognize these tiny rainbow nuisances, right? Especially during the holiday season, you just might have a container or two lying in your pantry in wait for your next big yummy dessert. (I'm making gingerbread pops tonight, woot!)

Well, one very patient person took these sprinkles and created an amazing design. He replicated a photograph of this dog.

With sprinkles.

Using 221,184 sprinkles in fact (I can't believe someone accurately counted them all!), artist Joel Brochu spent eight months creating an amazing 4 x 1.5 foot picture that looks very much like a photograph itself (seen below).

Can you imagine using tweezers to put all those sprinkles in a row?

How in the heck did he do that though?

If you check out his flickr album you'll see the sprinkles in fine detail, but essentially, he determined the colour of every pixel in the picture he wanted to recreate and then assigned those pixels a specific colour from his limited choice of red, orange, green, blue, black, and white.

Now if you wanted to create a similar pictures with sprinkles OF sprinkles (like the first picture above), you would have to first determine the pixel colours of each, like so…