Purchase a Town in Conneticut for Less than a House in Toronto

The Village of Johnsonville for sale on Auction.com

As of April 2014, the average price for a detached house in Toronto, according to the Globe & Mail is a staggering $965,760 - quite the price tag, especially when you're hard pressed to find a nice backyard in newer developments (instead, you now share a local park with your neighbours these days.)  A big backyard is something that I've been dreaming about ever since I moved out of my parents house nearly 8 years ago.  I do love the house TheHubs and I currently reside in; more-so for its close location to so many of my favourite places to haunt in the city, but our backyard is on the small side.  Probably average in size of what you can find in most homes for Toronto, but for me, it's tiny. And is currently all dedicated to one big veggie garden, so I'm SOL if I ever wanted to play Frisbee back there (okay, even if it was just grass back there I would be hard pressed to throw a Frisbee without it landing two doors down.)

If I wasn't partial to my home town, and if I didn't mind becoming an American; I could potentially ditch this house for a 62 acre town in Connecticut.

Not even kidding.  The Village of Johnsonville, in East Haddam Moodus CT, is hitting the auction block on Auction.com later this month, and the starting asking price for it is a "mere" $800,000.  We're talking about gorgeous green grass, water falls, a church, and perhaps even a few ghosts!

And all the backyard a girl can dream about. le sigh

Everything that you could possibly want for a town, except for a distinct lack of people, but that's what sites like evite are for.  For less than the price of a modest detached home in Toronto, you can invite your entire extended family to live on one big compound that is already move-in ready.

Could you imagine?  Check out the video below for some pretty.

What would you do if you bought that property?  Change the name maybe? If I invited all of my blogging buddies to join me, we could name the village "Blogger Town" - though Google would possibly take trademark issue over that.  Blogtown maybe?

Or flip it into one big bed n' breakfast type resort.

Would you be privy into creating your own book of laws?  Would you need a town mayor for 62 acres?

Forget LEGO and monopoly and Barbie mansions, there is so much fun that could be had with a life-sized village.

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