I’m SO thrilled that the Great Canadian Blog Bash (TGCBB) is on for another year running, and that I’ll get to participate fully this time around (I believe I missed out on the fun last year.)  This year its hosted by three fabulous ladies: Nancy of Whispered Inspirations, Jennifer of Mom vs the Boys, and Deanna of Maple Leaf Mommy.  What is TGCBB?  Its a two-week celebration of all things Canadian, as we all prepare for a fun day filled of BBQs and fireworks in the beginning of July.

Another part of this celebration is an introduction to companies that call Canada home.  I’ve always subscribed to the idea of buying local first, support our friends, family and neighbours, and gain a stronger, desirable economy and this bash is a chance to show what Canadians have to offer!

I also have a list of local companies that will have fabulous giveaways and discounts in the next few days to celebrate our Nation’s birth, which in all likelihood will be published tomorrow, so stay tuned!

For today though, I’d like to introduce (or likely reacquaint) you with an industry leader in style and technology…

When you think of Heys luggage, what first comes to mind?  Style and/or class maybe?  Durability?  Security?  Smartie pants in organized travel perhaps?  Before now did you ever think Canadian?

Heys was first established in the suburbs of Toronto in 1986!  I’ll admit, I didn’t think Heys was so local that I could practically see their head office from my back yard.  Which makes me love the 3-piece luggage set TheHubs and I purchased for our honeymoon just over 6 years ago even more, lol.  Every time we went on vacation, we’d always here someone whisper a little “Whoa.” when seeing at least two of the three pieces in action.  We’ve lovingly, and aptly, dubbed our bags the SUVs of luggage.  They’re massive, durable, a sleek grey, and have the coolest set of wheels you’ll ever see.  I utterly heart my luggage.

Luggage isn’t the only product that Heys has to offer though, they have all sorts of travelling companions, such as duffles, backpacks, cases and accessories.  In fact, Heys wants to give one lucky Geek with Style reader a set of three Ecotex Cube Packs to help make packing a breeze! Winner gets to choose their favourite from nine awesome colours: Red, Olive, Black, Fuchsia, Grey, Light Blue, Lilac, Turquoise, or Light Pink!

Heys Ecotext Packing Cubes

Check out this uber cute video to see how much you need ecotex cube packs in your life! Not only are they versatile, but they’re made 100% out of recycled water bottles! How cool??

Yes, you heard correctly!  Each and every eco-friendly cube pack has ten recycled plastic bottles woven within.  How’s that for smart technology?

We’re going to play a fun game to see who will win this fabulous set of cube packs (winner gets to choose their favourite colour, woot!)

Are you familiar with the FVT luggage case from Heys?

Heys FVT Canadian Luggage

If you live in Toronto,  I’m sure you’ve seen a billboard advertising this sleek case.  Heys is all about celebrating Canada, so if you’re not familiar with the case you should certainly be familiar with the icons that decorate it!  We’ve got loons and polar bears, coffee cups and pancakes, the ROM, towers and light houses, and of course a lumber jack!

I’ve picked out ten of my favourite Canadian icons that you can find on this case, and I want to know which one speaks to you most!  Is it the totem pole?  The Mountie?  How about the Canadian toque?  Vote everyday on Twitter until July 11th, and we’ll see which is Canada’s favourite icon! 🙂


Heys FVT #TeamToque


Heys FVT #TeamPoutine


Heys FVT #TeamONWine


Heys FVT #TeamCDNMountie


Heys FVT #TeamMapleSyrup


Heys FVT #TeamLumberJack


Heys FVT #TeamLoonie


Heys FVT #TeamLacrosse


Heys FVT #TeamInukshuk


Heys FVT #TeamTotem


Once you’ve chosen your team, be sure to copy and past the tweet link in the giveaway tools box below for your entry to qualify!

Good luck!

And the winning icon is…..  #TeamToque!!

Here’s the breakdown:

#TeamCDNMountie 28
#TeamToque 65
#TeamPoutine 25
#TeamONWine 7
#TeamMapleSyrup 26
#TeamLumberJack 20
#TeamLoonie 13
#TeamLacrosse 0
#TeamInukShuk 19
#TeamTotem 29