Have you seen CardSwap.ca before? It’s Canada’s leading site to buy and sell gift cards, which is awesome if you’ve received a card over the holidays that you know you’ll never use! … Or if you need one to purchase holiday gifts for friends and family…  Or maybe you were thinking of simply giving a gift card to that friend or family member this year!

Whatever the case may be, you should definitely check out CardSwap as the place to pick up those cards if you want to stretch your funds just a little bit further.

Here Are Four Reasons to Join

Four Reasons to Join CardSwap

A 5th reason, if you needed one more, is the uber-quick shipping!  I recently purchased $60 dollars worth of Canadian Tire giftcards and I had them in hand only a few days later.

If you have seen or even used CardSwap before, they may have changed their site around since the last time you’ve stopped by.  Instead of getting a certain percentage off of the card (to make purchasing it cheaper than the dollar amount of the card; ie. $9.00 for a $10 gift card), you now earn rewards points for free gift cards instead!  Which for some reason completely works better for me.  With the old system, I would see potentially $5 off a $50 card, but would pass it up despite the $5 savings.

But now, with the rewards points system, it seems like you can get a lot more bang for your buck if you watch which cards have greater rewards.

Every card has an amount of points to earn, and they’re not always the same amount so keep an eye out for the ones that have a greater points deal attached to them!  There are also “Combo Deals”, to get rewards points faster!  1,000 points gets you a $10 gift card basically, so purchasing that $200 bundle below gets you $15 worth of rewards as well!

Purchase Gift Card Combos for Better Point Deals

But those are just basic points!  Occasionally, CardSwap also has deals on redeemable gift cards as well (illustrated in the image below!)  Wouldn’t if be fabulous to spend only $4 worth of points for a $10 gift card? So keep your eyes open for those awesome deals.

Redeem Bonuses for CardSwap Gift Cards

And if any of those fantastic cards just weren’t for you, CardSwap has their own PrePaid Visa cards that are redeemable at over a hundred stores so that you’ve got even more choices on how to spend your rewards points!

CardSwap Now Has Its Own Visa

With the holiday season pretty much upon us now, you could get your shopping dollar stretched further with those redeemable gift cards, so I’d suggest checking out that site now!

And how about winning your first $25 gift card from CardSwap?  Geek with Style has teamed up with CardSwap to give one lucky reader $25 to spend towards any gift card found on CardSwap!

To win, enter any or all ballot choices below (using Rafflecopter, if you don’t see the ballot box, please refresh this page.)

Good luck! 😀

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