So yeah, I’m totally in need of a new outfit (or two or more) for the summer, and have been stalking Addition Elle’s website for some must haves for my summer closet.  And boy, did I find a lot of must haves.  This season, I’ve bookmarked quite a few articles that I wouldn’t normally look at twice.  There would usually be a 10 foot distance between me and anything nautical (that wasn’t designed on a pair of shoes,) so imagine my surprise when I fell in love with a multitude of blue/white, yo-ho-yo-ho designs.  Also, I swear one of these seasons I’ll stop relying so much on a black/white motif, but it evidently won’t be this one!  The first dress below is truly lovely (check out Addition Elle’s site for the back of this dress, WOW!) and it will go perfectly with the other black/white dresses I have in my closet.  Ah well, I’ve always enjoyed Fall colours the most!

Below are my ten favourite items that are currently available at Addition Elle as focal pieces to create a few fabulous outfits for the summer.  Granted, every time I check out their website, there are another five items that I just have to have, so this is the most up to date list so far!


  1. Crochet Print dress $89.99

    This dress is baby-doll cute, with a nice light airy material that is truly in need for those crazy-hot summer days. Really love the print on this dress, but what really makes this one fabulous is the crochet design along the shoulder/neck outline.

  2. Addition Elle's Crochet Print dress $89.99
    Addition Elle’s Crochet Print dress $89.99
  3. Printed Fit & Flare dress in Nautical design. $89.99 

    This sporty-fun fit & flare dress is definitely a bold choice. At first, I wasn’t convinced on the rapid pattern change, but the more I stare, the more I love. It’s definitely a statement dress that will get you noticed.

  4. Addition Elle's Printed Fit & Flare dress in Nautical design.
    Addition Elle’s Printed Fit & Flare dress in Nautical design.


  5. Atzec Print Tank $59.99

    I’m not sure if I agree with the jean choice in this picture (you wouldn’t want to wear this shirt with a solid coloured pant thought;) the Aztec print on this tank is gorgeous.

  6. Aztec Tank
    Aztec Tank
  7. Capped Striped Top  $39.99

    This top is all kinds of amazing on its own, but what I really love is the fact that designers are clearly ignoring and altogether crushing the idea that certain body-types shouldn’t be encouraged to wear stripes.

  8. Addition Elle: Striped Tee
    Striped Tee
  9. Short Sleeve Cardigan  $39.99

    These kinds of cardigans were mostly made for full-figured ladies to hide their shoulders/upper arms when a shirt they love didn’t have sleeves, and for the most part I’ve tried to steer clear of them. Why hide? Well, thanks to a recent shoulder burn, I’ve come to realise that the sun is an excellent reason to hide if you’re not covered in sunscreen. So, if you’re not in the habit of reapplying lotion to protect your skin, you might want to keep a cardigan like this around for those late afternoon hours. Though I haven’t yet seen this one in person, it looks like it would be light-weight enough and the right kind of none-wrinkley material, that you could keep it in your purse for whenever you need a little cover-up.

  10. Addition Elle: White Cardigan
    White Cardigan


    Below are some favourite accessorizing bits to go with any of the choices above.

  11. Studded Flat Sandal $59.99
  12. Addition Elle: Studded Flat Sandal
    Studded Flat Sandal
  13. High heeled Sandal $79.99
  14. Addition Elle: High Heeled Sandal
    High Heeled Sandal
  15. Trio Midi Rings $14.99 / 2 for $22
  16. Addition Elle: Midi Trio Rings
    Midi Trio Rings
  17. Bib Hoop Necklace $19.99 / 2 for $22
  18. Addition Elle: Hoop Necklace
    Hoop Necklace

What do you think? I realise I didn’t add a single pair of bottoms to this list, which was 70% – done on purpose and 30% – I loved these 9 items so much more than what I found for pants. Anyway, I would love to hear what your favourite items/trends are for the summer!