Find Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Exclusively at Penningtons in Canada!

by Aeryn Lynne

Almost two years ago, I wrote how I couldn't wait for Melissa McCarthy to create her own clothing line, and I'm entirely excited to say that the wait will be over this Sunday, August 30th! Exclusive to Penningtons in Canada, her debut line, seemingly in partnership with LA's upscale denim and lifestyle choice brand Seven7, will be hanging about stores for us to enjoy! Probably not for long though, because this brand new collection of casual wear is fabulous. Every item looks comfortably-trendy, modern chic for every size and simply, just perfect, and I'll have one of everything please!

This is the part that I absolutely love the most for the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 collection: it's meant for every woman. Though Penningtons' collection won't have sizes under 14, McCarthy's goal was to create a brand label that is accessible/inclusive to all sizes. While she can't control what sizes each store will carry right, her entire collection has been so well received, that there are now numerous (mostly American,) stores to shop her collection from.

“My whole point is to stop categorizing women. I’m making clothes for women, period,” McCarthy tells PEOPLE magazine, Aug 18, 2105.

So here's a sample of what will be available at Penningtons beginning August 28th and 29th online, and August 30th in stores!


My Favourite Picks

I think I'll be standing in line first thing in the morning for this shirt alone... Will be shocked if it doesn't clear the racks in record time, love it!

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 - Le Meow Penningtons

This shirt can rock it for all looks. Casual, biz casual, and would even look fab under a suit. If you need one shirt that will do it all, this is it!


This is the epitome of fabulously trendy casual.


I'll admit, I don't know much about Seven7 brand jeans, but I like what I've been reading recently, so am eager to try on a pair and see if they feel as awesome as their hype says they are.


This pattern is all kinds of cute! I've seen it on a number of shirts that McCarthy has worn, and can't wait to try this particular one.



McCarthy has been my hero for like forever, both onscreen and off. From quirky Sookie St. James of Gilmore Girls to the absolutely hilarious role as Molly Flynn of Mike & Molly, its always entertaining to watch her. Did you see McCarthy's most recent movie, Spy? EPIC. There will be three things from this amazing movie that I'll always remember: 1. McCarthy is BADASS, 2. Jude Law AND Jason Statham, 3. the awesome portrayal of "trendy" clothing attire for plus-sized/full-figured women aged 30 to 60. Cat lady, anyone? I love how McCarthy's taking Hollywood by storm, and proving that size doesn't matter when there's a bad-guy in a helicopter, and you need to stop him, like right now. And while off screen? Her new clothing line that is inclusive for every size shows just how incredibly level-headed McCarthy is, and her vision to change the world is one I whole-heartedly subscribe to.

Penningtons is holding a VIP EVENT that everyone is welcome to go to at their Etobicoke store in Toronto!  And if you don't live in the GTA, find out which Penningtons locations closest to you will be carrying the highly anticipated Melissa McCarthy Seven7 collection.


VIP Launch of Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 clothing line at Penningtons


A number of popular Canadian and American plus-size bloggers will be there to chat with, as well as fashion stylist Erica Wark!

It's a two hour event that I'm not gonna miss! Will I see you there??


And, pssst! If you haven't seen Spy yet (WHAT?!), it's on sale right now on, woot!

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