I recently picked up a fabulous pair of Chinos from Lands’ End in anticipation of 2012’s Fall season and I cannot wait for that moment when shorts are only wearable during those family vacations in the South.

We are so close to stepping into Fall!  Do. Want.  To say its my favourite season is an understatement.  If I could live in a perpetual Fall all year round, I absolutely would!  I love how the huge maple tree leaves turn into these vibrant colours of reds, yellows and orange, with a sprinkle of green left over from the Summer months.  I love the cool winds, the distant sunshine, the ability to wear light jackets or long sleeved shirts, and it doesn’t hurt that I look better in dark reds and browns than I do in light yellows and green of Summer! 😉

Whether I’m…

Dressing Up for a Fashionable Night Out
Going out in my favourite pair of Chinos from Lands' End.

or just…

Lounging at Home

Lounging in my favourite pair of Chinos from Lands' End.

these Women’s Plus Size Exhale™ Tummy Control Stretch Chino Boot-cut Pants in Raisin are so comfortable, they can be worn all day long in a variety of styles.  From business casual days with a sleek shirt in whites, blues or even beige, to relaxed evenings with dark blue knitted or light beige cardigans and tees; these raisin coloured, twill-cotton pants will become a staple in my Fall wardrobe.  They’re seriously comfy.  I just might go pick up another pair in Red… or maybe the French Walnut, ooohhh….

What I hadn’t realized about Lands’ End is that they have “Plus Size Experts” on hand to answer your important questions regarding fit, style and sizes. And this is a particularly important feature for issues such as: ensuring you’re brand new pants will be hemmed at the right length for you (yes, they do free hems so that your pants fit your height!), and confirming that your perceived size 18 corresponds with their size 18 measurements (I’m actually a size smaller with Lands’ End measurements, so I’m glad I double-checked!)  Lands’ End is fairly serious in making a pair a pants that fit you, which makes the online clothes shopping guesswork a little less intimidating.

I keep forgetting that in the world of plus size, I’m considered petite for pant length, despite being 5′ 7″ tall.  I can tell you from experience that there is nothing cool about looking like you’re wearing your big-sister’s pants at age 32, because those pants swim around your ankles.  With Lands’ End’s easy online guide, I was able to measure my favourite pair of pants inseam to determine what pant length works for me.

It actually surprised me that I wear a 30″ inseam, ’cause I grew up believing I was a 32″. Am I shrinking??

Anyway, have you ever owned a pair of Chinos before?  Were they your favourite pants ever??  This was my first pair, and I’m totally in love!


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