Ready to join me at tonight's On The Curve Plus Size Fashion Show??

Woot! I've been looking forward to this for about a month, and we're only hours away now!

Below is my Cover It Live app where you'll receive by the second coverage from the event tonight. I'll be able to see your comments too, so lets get a party started!

Beginning at 5PM I'll start sending out a few messages each hour as we wait for the main event.

Doors open at 8PM, and the show begins at 9. The show will feature the talented styling of Lola & Gigi, AlliStyle, Gussied Up, Toni Plus and Stefanie Bezaire.

One of the best bits of this show is that most of the sponsors are Toronto/Canadian based, so am totally feeling the patriotic tonight!

And the one thing I'm really on the look out for are boots! Beautiful knee highed footwear! No, it's not a fetish, thanks for asking. You might not be aware, unless you're 14+, that knee-highs do not generally cater to bigger calves. So as much as I would love a pair this season, I have yet to find a local store that sells to a wider calf market. I've just recently found an American store that has quite a few beauties available, but shoes are meant to be sampled before purchased to make sure they're truly the right fit for your style.

So go grab your popcorn, then join me on an adventure in plus size fashion! *waves pom-poms*

If you have trouble viewing the window above, you can Click Here for a pop-up window to easier chat access!